Friday, April 6, 2018


a set of gold measuring spoon.

a hooded bath towel in watermelon print.



leopard figurines.




my heart sank and is still sinking, i can barely eat.

sabi daw ni anthony robins, may power daw ang tao na baguhin ang sarili nyang state.

well, let's try...


results of the nomination came. i wasnt on the list. i thought im going to feel relieved. well, maybe not yet. but im pretty sure my mother will be very happy.

jer seems panicky. i told him to relax. funny, he's talking to me about this when i told him bluntly that i wont vote for him as the president.

he told me, "dapat ikaw to e." i told him "if its meant for me it will never miss me. kaya wala ko dyan kasi hindi para saken yan." after sending, i just realized im probably wrong.

whatevs. this is so boring.


rereading oliver emberton's blog.

ive been at the edge for some time, i didnt know it will take me this long to get myself out of here.

pero siguro, i cant expect my life to really change if i will just do the same things that ive been doing all these years. clearly, they arent working.

the first (and only) time that i heard God speak, what he said was "I did not give you fear."

iniisip ko kung fear ba yung nararamdaman ko or something else.


i was 7 when i learned one of the most important lessons ive learned in my life.

today, i was reminded of the same lesson and more.

its bad enough that you dont ask for what you want, but that's a whole lot acceptable than acting like you dont really want it.

what you think, what you say and what you do should be in line with eachother.

i want to engrave these words in my heart just so i will never forget again.


i feel like my state had gotten even worse after trying. : (

feeling ko lahat ng part ng buhay ko ngayon, hindi ok.


z, please dont cry.

Written by cinderellaareus at 03:26 PM.

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