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金曜日. May 24, 2019


My lola passed away this morning. Tita sent a message on our clan's gc. I'm still waiting for Mom's confirmation.

I'm still going to the party tonight, and to the trainings tomorrow.


Can you help me smile, Universe?

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金曜日. May 17, 2019

N n m n i d

In 15 mins, I'm off.

For 3 days, I managed having super low carbs diet. And just when my pants are starting to get too big, slipping off my waist, biglang may pizza sa office. Was planning to say no, kaso nasa table ko na, nakaayos pa. O sya, pizza.

May ice cream kaya sa buffet mamaya? Sa totoo lang, I'm not yet craving for anything so far. Siguro dahil ang healthy ng hinahain ng tatay ko lately. Sabi sa book na nabasa ko, cravings daw e way ng body naten of saying na it lacks certain nutrients, ganern.

Ang hirap mag-commute home lalo na't sobrang init lately. Pero kung hindi ako mag ko-commute, pano ko makakakain ng maayos.


I feel so defensively protective of my time, hindi naman ako busy.

I just want to be in control on where my days go. 

Been re-reading "think and grow rich" lately. It feels different now that I know na parang hindi naman ganun ka successful ang buhay nung author, and from what I know, he didn't die rich. But I know his book helped and still helps a lot of people to get rich.

Ang weird no? Even Niccolo Machiavelli wasn't so Machiavellian daw e. Maybe it's just as what Richard Bach once said, "you teach best what you need most to learn."


I feel so uninterested. This is so out-of-character. 

Oh wait, not really.

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金曜日. May 3, 2019

Calm the eff down

Writing 'coz I'm quite nervous right now. Tabby, please distract me.

It's 10:30 in the evening. Are you still awake? I have 3 more days to do as I please before I get back to work. I do have a few money to spend, but energy, not so much. Also, I need to spend sparingly since I really wish to get a gold card, I need to save money.

So what are our plans from here on, Z?

If imagination is my only limit, I'll pack my bags right now and go back to Bohol. 

I just bought a new luggage I named Blue. It's colored black. The other luggage, I named Pinky. I have an old bike I named Mandy. Do you name your favorite things too? I don't know why my cellphone doesn't have a name when it's my most overused possession.

Can I just pack my bags and go to Bohol? I remember I was like this when I visited my Mom's hometown in Mindanao. I remember falling in love with the place, but before the week was over, I started aching for civilization. Miss na miss ko ang frappe nun, kahit yata Zagu, papatulan ko.

So what is our plan, Z?

I'm just waiting for the news about the insurance co that I just started involving myself with. I'm targeting my brother's old and current companies to conduct Financial Planning road show thingy. 

And then?

Well I don't know. Maybe I'll get married. LOL.


It's 10:45, and damn, I'm still nervous.


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金曜日. April 19, 2019


Hey, it's Friday and I'm alone in the office, no prob. 

I'm browsing for places to eat once we get to cebu. Jay sent a food vid from a resto in cebu last night. I checked and it looks like it's just 15 minutes drive from the convention venue. Oh, wait. We don't have a car.

Recently, I've been craving for mongolian bbq. I miss Baguio's Oh My Khan. Injan and I used to go there and we just loved the food. Ang challenging rin kasi sa Mongolian bbq, lalo't unli, kada balik mo, iba iba lasa. I think there's a Mongolian bbq around pse. It's about 45mins walk from here, I'm planning to visit pag hindi na nagliliyab sa init ang Pilipinas.

Nagugutom ako. Putek, kakakain ko lang. T_T

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金曜日. April 5, 2019

Ja nai

It's a Friday. I'm supposed to study for the exam tomorrow. Earlier, I felt like I have so much time until 2 hours passed and I haven't opened my reviewer yet. Great.


I've been sleep deprived the entire week. I'm all lutang I feel like I've  had very little grasp of reality.

I was with a friend yesterday for an after-work bonding. We're both single, that's why I can't understand why we have to go to an all-girls gym when we should be expanding our network of single men. Lol. Pero ok lang naman.

But last night got me so surprised because of the ffg convo:

Z: you know I like *****, right?

F: oo. *pauses for 5 sec*. Crush ko rin yun.

Z: what?!

Oh well. But I guess it wouldn't matter since the guy's already taken.

Besides, I do have my eyes set for this not-yet-taken dude, but it seems like I won't be seeing him for a while.


I've been hearing the line "boys will be boys" ever so often from people. Mostly from men who are convinced that their kind are slaves of their own instinct, driven by their desire for sex, like that's they are all about. Sex. It's such a pity seeing men like this.

But I just can't believe that. Because I have a father, a brother and a few good men in my life, who manned up and are manning up, proving themselves to be better than their desires. Maybe they too want sex, but I never saw them wrap sex around their identity as a man, nor act like they are a slave of it. It such a pity. See, I grew up seeing men as warriors, defenders, leaders, using their manly strength to protect and serve... not just some mascot, itching to mount on a woman to pleasure himself.

I'm just so disappointed, I don't know if I'll ever recover from this. 


I just remember Mr. Chill. We're not friends. We're not related by blood. But if there is one man I can trust despite that, that would be him. Because I've seen how good his heart is. And he's one of the reasons why I will never accept the pathetic excuse that "boys will be boys."

I heard he's recently single. But I think time had already passed us by so... I think I'm just gonna let the Universe handle this.

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金曜日. March 29, 2019

History and Love Letters

I sleep about 6-7 hrs a day. That is a lot considering that it used to be 3 hrs. Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit antok na antok ako.

Was on leave yesterday to bring our dog to the hospital. Now I look like I came from a cat fight with so many scratches. Things are all good though. Gigi will just have to be on meds. No operations needed. Earlier that day, we were debating as to whether we'll let her have an operation or not. We all love Gigi. Hindi ko tuloy gets kung bakit iba-iba ang opinyon namin about this. Good thing hindi na namin kinailangang magtalo pa. She'll be fine. Thank you, Heavens.


Ang daming kaganapan para sa susunod na buwan. Next week may exam ako. Alam mo ba kung bakit Math ang paborito kong subject? Kasi takte, bwisit na bwisit akong mag memorize. At least sa Math, pag hindi mo kabisado ang formula, pwede ka namang mag derive. 

I have the mock test. Kakabisaduhin lang naman talaga. Bad trip lang tamad na tamad talaga kong gawin to. 


I saw a historical fiction in poetry form made by a certain ECD. It's a love letter na kunwari e sulat ng isang sikat na bayani para sa naiwan nyang jowa nung lumusob sya sa himagsikan wherein na deds sya a week later.

Sobrang ganda ng pagkakasulat. Lumulundag ang fangirl heart ko.

Still, mas masaya siguro kung yung totoong bayani yung nagsulat.

One of the reasons why I loved the film Goyo e dahil dun sa sulat ni Apolinario Mabini narrated by the actor who played the role. Ang gaganda nung bitaw ng words e. Iniisip ko kung yun ba talaga ang sinabi ni Mabini.

Kung magiging sikat ako balang araw, siguro magiging historical artifacts ang mga loveletters na sinulat ko. I poured every ounce of my writing prowess sa bawat sulat na sinulat ko, I'm confident that it will not disappoint.

If I will try to track down the love letters I wrote in this lifetime, I think I wrote about 5.

Earliest was written around 1998 or 1999. Anonymous love letter na sinend ko sa crush ko na kapatid pala ng classmate ko.

Next is 2002-2003. Loveletter na ginawa ko for a friend na pinadala nya sa crush nya.

Then 2004-2006. 3 letters na sinesend ko every Christmas noon.

I'm pretty sure there will be no way for me to get back the first 2 letters, pero yung last 3, kahit paano may possibility. 

Naniniwala ako na kung matino syang lalaki, dapat ay naitapon nya na yung letters ko bago sya naikasal. Still, kung sakaling nasa kanya pa... well, kung sakali lang naman... pwede ko pa kaya makuha? Hahaha. Iniisip ko palang, parang na kong lalagnatin.


I'm really curious how people wrote(or write) their love letters. If you happen to have written one, pabasa naman! : )

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金曜日. March 22, 2019


I'm not liking the upcoming changes in the club. I wish I can just stop caring.

Maybe the best I can do e wag na makigulo pa. For one, I suspect that my intentions are not entirely pure.

Hindi ko alam kung saan nanggagaling ang lungkot na ito.

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金曜日. March 15, 2019


Ang dami kong pera. Ang dami kong pera. Woohoo! Dami kong pera!!!

*ulit ulitin hanggang sa magkatotoo*


Finally watched Captain Marvel. The movie ran 2 hours pero sa post credit talaga ko na hook. Syet! Ang gwapo ni Cap! Isang Chris Evans naman, Universe.

N times ko nang napanood yung trailer. So excited for the Endgame. Please don't break our hearts, Marvel. Pag na deds si Cap or yung iba ko pang favorite, ayawan na.


I started crafting the congratulatory toast for bff's wedding right at the reception, few minutes before my name was called. Hindi ko pa natapos because Ice was pestering me. Pero ok naman nakaraos naman.

Sana ganun din tonight. 

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金曜日. February 27, 2019

Gratitude and chance

I do have money. But I'm going on a trip to Cebu late April to May for about a week and I'm anticipating so much gastos. So from 200/day, I'm lowering my budget to 100 daily. As to how that can suffice for 3 decent meals a day, I have no idea.


I feel so blessed today. See, without spending a single cent, I was able to attend a seminar and listen to big people from the industry. I'm already grateful that they also gave us free book and ballpen, but I was quite over the roof when I found out na may free lunch, brewed coffee, super delish pastries and 2 servings of tempura from tokyo tempura pa (someone from the queue gave me his stub so I ended up with 2 servings!). Natuwa rin ako na accessible by bus yung venue so I paid very little for my pamasahe.

Ang kagandahan sa walang masyadong pera e yung sa konting biyayayang natatanggap mo, feeling mo nanalo ka na sa lotto. Lel.

Come Saturday me and my family and I will also eat at a resto for free. I feel like the Universe is spoiling me!


Kiddos from a Montessori school performed at the event earlier. Naisip ko lang, wouldn't it be nice to watch my own kid perform like that? Even if he ends up messing his own performance, I think I'd still find him cute.

It's already been discerned and decided, you know. I want to get married and build a family. I don't plan to do anything about it, at least for this year, since I have an ongoing agreement with God, but that's what I want. Maybe I won't get it, but I'm not giving it a rest without a fight.

My mother is a beautiful woman. Which means my kids have at least 25% chance of becoming beautiful. Since I'm their mother, they have at least 50% chance of becoming intelligent (this is my opinion, okay). They'll most likely have fair skin also. The only negneg people in our lineage are my paternal lola and my brother. He wasn't born that way though. Seeing my niece, I'm convinced that we have good genes. My niece is a beautiful kid and she's also very smart. 

I don't know. Well, maybe I won't have kids at all.

But if I will... well then, maybe they'll be beautiful and smart. Maybe they won't. I think I'll be absolutely okay with anything as long as they're healthy. And as their mother I'll do my absolute best to raise them to be good people. Beautiful or not. Intelligent or not.

Sana mabigyan ako ng pagkakataon.

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