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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Mixed emotions ang araw na to. Parang thriller/horror movie na may nakaka heart attack na SFX.

There was an integrity roadshow this morning. We had a discussion about integrity related rules, sites we're not allowed to visit (which is practically every single website in existence), and so on. They'll do random inspections daw from tims to time. Ang hirap na tuloy mag Facebook in peace. Tas the CEO from America is here for a week too and will randomly visit accounts unannounced. These are making me jumpy everytime the door beeps. Suspense, pare.

Pero ok lang naman. Mas bet ko yung suspense kesa sa drama.

May isang crab na nagmessage sa business ko in fb earlier. Nakakapikon, gusto ko patulan kaso tinatamad ako. Feeling ko hindi rin naman worth it. I just used my seducing prowess to tame her grudge just to be sure she won't cause me problems in the future. Wala rin kasi akong energy talaga to engage in a fight na hindi rin naman magiging profitable saken in the first place.

Then, the boy sent me a message too. Now I'm getting how Gabby and LA felt. This is starting to get exhausting. I'm thinking whether to tell the officers about the convo or not, pero alam ko, pagod na rin sila. This whole issue is getting old. I think we all want to move on na.


Another suspense (but a good one : >.

My favorite world champ is coming to ph for the Discon on 2019. I cant let this pass so I guess I'll be going to Cebu April next year. I hope I won't be needing to sell a few of my stocks para lang rito. 50% excited na ko!!!! Siguro yung other 50% , saka na pag nakabayad na ko. Ang main concern ko talaga e yung problematic kong digestive system. Sana magaganda at maayos sa CR sa Cebu. 

Iniisip ko rin.... Well, iniisip ko lang naman... Ang saya siguro if kasama ako sa district contestants sa Discon. Even better kung ako yung mag cha champion. Wala lang, para astig. Pampam kay idol. Haha. Pero srsly, namimiss ko naring manalo.


Now the comedy part.

May guest kami last fri na niloloko naming admirer ni Jay kasi nag message sa kanya telling her na ang galing nya sa public speaking. Tas pinupusuan pa mga posts nya. The following day, the same guest added me in FB, sent me a message, and we had this convo.

I like this kiddo. May taste sya.


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