Sunday: April 15, 2018

"***, hindi mo na ko pinapansin...."

Countless missed calls and "seen" messages that's been going for almost a year, I wonder when will he stop...

On most days, I feel sorry. But for someone who's hurting because the person she cares about no longer cares for her, i kinda found comfort at the thought na, 'well, at least quits lang.' 

Namimiss lang kita.

I can invent ways and find excuses to talk to you, but that I won't do. The door had always been open from the start. I never had the intention to lock you up. YOU. ARE. FREE.

And i like you better that way. I just miss you.

I don't really need you in my life. I've been fine on my own and there's no way that anyone's absence could break me.

I just miss you. Though I don't need you in my life, I think it would be nice if you can just stay. I miss you.

And I wish you will end finding someone who can bring you more peace...

And thank you for dropping by.


In my supposed restful Sunday, my parents left for Tito Leo's birthday. With my brother out attending the mass with his family, I was left home alone to man the house, feed the dog and serve customers of our tiny sari sari store.

By the afternoon, I went out to meet a customer for this business that i started.

Sa paunti unting effort na ineexert ko, feeling ko walang nangyayari saken, pero sadyang isang araw pala, magugulat ka nalang na naipon na pala yung paunti unting changes na naging malaking change na bumago na pala sa buhay at pagkatao mo.

Mahiyain kasi akong tao. Pero kanina ko lang na pansin na I am now more comfortable in talking with people. And kaya ko naring mag sales talk! Sa tingin ko, ang best sales strategy is to genuinely care for the customers, because when you feel it in your heart, it will be reflected in your voice, words and actions, and the customers will feel it. Nakakatuwa lang.

Today, I became an inch nearer to my goal. Ang liit na progress, hindi mo nga siguro masyadong madadama. Pero pasasaan ba at mag-aaccumulate ang bawat inch na to para maging meters and miles hanggang siguro magugulat nalang ako na narating ko na pala yung gusto kong puntahan. Sana patuloy parin akong tulungan ng langit.


Minsan may doubts.

Minsan may kaba.

Minsan rin, masasaktan ka. Madi-disappoint. Mapapagod.

Pero kahit ganun, sa tingin ko, maganda pa rin naman ang buhay.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 07:39 PM.

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