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Sunday: November 5, 2017

So someone sent me a message telling how he gave my number to his friend who's in need of a speaker for their public speaking event in some University. Sabi kasi "do something that scares you." So I was like, Sure! Go! No worries. That's exciting! Blah blah blah. Pero puteeeek, nag sa summersault na yung puso ko, Bes.

Then I got the message from the "friend" and learned that the event is this Tuesday na. Tuesday!!!

Sabi ng logic, "tae ka, wala ka ng oras mag prepare. Anong petsa na?!"

Sabi ng reason, "May pasok ka. Paano?"

Sabi ng internal organs ko, "Ayoko! Kinakabahan ako! Wahhhhh!"


And yet, I replied, "Sure! Please send me the details. *insert smileys*"



Why am I doing this to myself?

* * * * * * * * *

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Good Morning, Tabby!
Sunday: September 3, 2017

7:41am. I just woke up and I can smell our breakfast so I will try to make this quick.

Division contest yesterday. Gabby won, crush came second. Mejo na surprised lang ako sa result because there was this other candidate that got me mesmerized yet he wasn't able to place any. Not complaining though.

Ang galing ni Gabby. I don't have the slightest doubt that our club will be having our first district champion on midcon. I've watched him since day 1 and he seemed to have gotten even better. I wonder if I will ever get to that level. I wonder how can I get to that level. I also want to be a district champion myself and then after that, world champion.

Jer and I were talking about this while on the way to ADB. He also dreams to become a world champion. He told me he accepts that he can't be the world champion just now. That he needs to grow his skill set first and he's expecting to get it maybe in 5 years. I told him, the Universe bends in our expectations (because I want, and believe I can get it, now). I wonder if I'm just being delusional. 


A girl-friend took me by the arm and brought me out of everyone's earshot to ask:

"Si *insert the boy's name here*... may pag-asa ba sya? I saw you, guys, and you look cute together."

Shoot, how do you answer questions like this? 


Went home with Gabby after our lunch celebration. It felt weird because I think this was the first time that we went home together na maliwanag pa. Pero ok lang. Gala means gastos and I would do some budget tightening right now.

Sabi sa nabasa ko, those who always live below their means lack imagination. Sighs...

While on the way home, the topic about me being the next pres was brought up. I told Gabby my reasons on how I cannot be the next President, all of which were money related.

I love my club, you know that. If only I have something to give I more than gladly would. I realized though, that maybe, instead of finding reasons why I can't, maybe I should start finding ways on how I can. I said it myself: the Universe bends on our expectations. I want to use this as an inspiration to work on my goals for 2018. Oh Lord, help me.

Sabi nga ni Gabby, dapat positive!


We were in the car, Bea, Jay, LA and I. It was the first time that Jay joined us on a girl talk like this. I've heard many of her stories before, but this was the first time that she talked of the other loves she had. See, I love Jay like a sister and I've always looked up on her character and her brilliance. But that afternoon, in Bea's car, she gained my respect.

In love stories, we have that assurance that things will be ok in the end. Pero sa real life pala, hindi laging ganon.

Bea, Jay and LA: these girls are wonderful people. I wish them love. I wish them happiness. And if it will make their lives better, I wish they will find someone who will truly care for them.


I looked at them, I found peace. Maybe maturity is when you wish someone happiness even if it's with someone else. Or maybe it's love. I'm not so sure.


When asked what he likes about me, he said "simply beautiful".

When asked, "maganda ba si zah?" he nodded.

Bea told him, "kung gusto mo sya, dapat sabihin mo sa kanya."


I've been trying to calm the boy down and these people aren't really helping.

Pero ok lang. Masaya naman. I will just find a way to smooth things out pag totoong may problema na. He's someone I don't want to hurt... But then, maybe I don't have to...

Wait.... what?!

* * * * * * * * *

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Time is gold. The plated type.
Sunday: August 20, 2017

One month + advanced birthday gift from the parentals.

A shining, shimmering, splendid automatic wristwatch, price of which amounts to the wristwatches i owned in my entire lifetime.

For someone who lived with divisoria bought wristwatch (about 50- 75 php apiece) most of her life...

I cant wipe the smile off my face. Lel.

* * * * * * * * *

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Catch and juice
Sunday: August 6, 2017

A lot of things shocked me today. Some rather juicy stuff. 

I was raised in a somewhat conservative environment. Siguro, kung hindi ako nakakilala ng mga taong may not-so-commonly-accepted circumstances, siguro magiging quick to judge and hard to understand din ako.

Different folks, different strokes. Minsan hindi ata tayo ang nasa posisyong sumagot sa tanong na 'tama ba to?' Or 'patas ba to?' Kundi ung taong pumiling ilagay ang sarili nila sa sitwasyon kung san nandun sila. Nakadadag pa yung realization na "wait, that could've been me."

Some people would resort to call out those who do what seems to be wrong. Iniisip ko kung yun nga ba yung tamang gawin.

I think, the Heavens called us to LOVE. Hindi to CORRECT. Hindi ba trabaho na ng Langit ang magcorrect? 

Sabi ni Bob Ong, pipihit pihitin daw ng tao ang katotohanan hanggang sa maging komportable ito sa makasarili nyang puso. Iniisip ko kung ito ba ung ginagawa ko ngayon.

I observed the other side of the spectrum. Those who chose to conform to the things that are accepted as universally correct. Parang hindi naman masaya. Iniisip ko kung basehan ba ung pagiging masaya ng pagiging tama.

Hindi ko alam.

What if i choose the other side. The side who refuse to conform to the socially accepted truth. I wonder how bad i can go.


Today, natutunan kong may 5 na uri ng tao.

Those who refuse to catch.

Those who lack the skills to.

Those who catch and release.

Those who catch and collect.

Those who catch and keep.

Can u identify which type are u?

I'm not so sure myself, but I'm pretty sure on what I'd like to become.

* * * * * * * * *

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The glass and the hand
Sunday: August 6, 2017

So it seemed like the glass found it's way into my hands.

I swear, i didn't to anything.

I do not trust my hands in holding something so delicate, so i handed the glass to someone else's.


When my niece was still so small, i rarely carried her. Not because i didnt want to. I just wanted to make sure she won't get crushed in my arms. So i handed her to the arms more able than mine.

Pero hindi ibig sabihin, hindi sya mahalaga....


Will this crush me?


We are yet to find out.

* * * * * * * * *

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How are you?
Sunday: July 16, 2017

-Itchy eyes

-Runny nose

-Sneezing fit

These are the ingredients of my sunday evening. 3 days into my bakasyon grande and im still at the "decluttering" stage and yet to reach the "planning" stage. Kinailangan ko kasing magpalayas kaya hindi din ako matapos tapos.


Soap and dust.

Two things I'm allergic with. Sabi ng doctor before wala naman talagang cure sa allergy, you can only drink meds for relief or totally avoid the cause. I know it's impossible to avoid these two and I've long resigned to the fact i have to go on a sneezing fiesta in every day of my life. Pero recently, dumadagdag pa yung itchy eyes sa side effect. Hindi ko kaya, bes.. Huhu.


Kapapanood ko lang ng bagong ad ng jollibee sa facebook. Hindi ko nagustuhan. Eexplain ko sana reason ko pero, nakakatamad kasi. Basta.

Out of the arena for days now. Or weeks na ata. I lost counting. It is during times like this na wala akong target na naaalala kita. Tas napanood ko pa ad ng jollibee. Well, iba naman story naten pero.... Wait, ano ngang story naten?

Alam mo ba, hinihintay ko ang time na magse-settle down ka na. Gusto ko kasing malaman kung anong magiging reaction ko dun, because right now, i can only speculate.

Kamustaka ka na ba, R?

* * * * * * * * *

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Dahil hindi na naman ako makatulog
Sunday: July 16, 2017

Pag ako yumaman, magpapatayo ako ng zoo.

O kaya farm.

Tapos aampunin ko lahat ng street animals or yung mga hindi naman talaga naaalagaan.

Tapos hinding hindi na ko kakain ng mga hayop.


Ayoko na kumain ng mga hayop.

Gusto ko nang yumaman.


Nalulungkot ako.

* * * * * * * * *

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Quick and random monologue
Sunday: June 25, 2017

-while everyone's having an action packed day at home with all the cleaning and cooking, im here doing yaya/tita duties, looking after my niece while she sleeps. Not really complaining.

-ok na. ok na. ok na. Promise, ok na. *repeat until u believe your own lie. Oh sh*t.

-some boy from 14 years back managed to find me. I regret that i gave him my number. I was fond of him ages ago but things are diffrent now. His "para sayo", "dahil sayo" and "lahat kakayanin ko para sayo" banat is making me cringe. Please, leave me alone.

-ok na. Ok na. Ok na. Promise, ok na.

-z, please don't cry...

* * * * * * * * *

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Simplicity and waterfall
Sunday: June 4, 2017

My arms and hands look hideous. Accompanied mom in picking mangoes straight from the tree in Lola's backyard through a bamboo stick with a hook that we call 'panungkit'. Since i rarely do any physical labor, my hands are not used to so much stress that by this time, i have red paches on my hands (and arms too) that are a cross between insect bites and 'latay' like i was beaten minus the bruises or something. Mahirap pala and nakakapagod. feeling ko nag gym ako, but i had fun. Minsan talaga yung mga bagay na kasing simple lang nito yung masaya, no?

My dreams are grand. I know i may not reach them, but in case i do, sana hindi ko makalimutan na there's that kind of bliss in simplicity that even the glory of the grand cannot replace.


Now i know why i like you. You are both simple and grand. I guess, in a way, i am too.


Execom yesterday at Ivan's place. Gabby cooked and we were complete attendance. Overall, masaya naman. There were just few changes in TI that i found upsetting. Well, we dont have the full details yet. Sana in the end, maging ok ang lahat. May 2 years na transition naman daw. 2 years is 2 years. A lot can happen. Will i still be a TM then? Wala naman talagang nakakaalam.

We watched wonder woman after. Ang ganda ni diana. Kung magkakaron ako ng katawan na ganung levels, promise magpapakabait talaga ko, dear Universe. 


The friend reported a few stuff about the target. Seems like she's on it na, starting the battle and all. I'm just amazed how she's doing all these while having her shark on the sides. She's technically single so i think there's nothing wrong with that. Nagagalingan lang ako na kaya nyang mag multitask that way. Multitasking is never my forte, so i told her to teach me how.

Can't help but notice the target though. He's also like that. Simple and grand. Ganito ba talaga taste ko eversince? I wonder...


I have once saw your storm quieting down and i loved the sight of it.

But it was when i touched you that i realized you aren't storm...

You are waterfall.

* * * * * * * * *

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