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日曜日: June 20, 2021

Ang baba talaga ng EQ ko. Sa ikli ng pasensya ko, naghanap ko ng spoilers ng Naruto. I found out who he'll end up with, if he'll become a Hokage, blah blah. I also happen to find out that he's going to die pala. I didn't read all the details. Ansakit. Now I'm left heartbroken. Kainis.

Sighs. Ano bang ginagawa ko sa buhay ko?

Naalala ko tuloy si Shikamaru. Sabi nya gusto nya daw maging katulad ng ulap, sumasabay lang sa hangin.

I remember when I was young, I wanted to be great. Masyado rin sigurong vague ang naging definition ko ng greatness, kaya until now, I don't know what to seek. What to pursue. Tapos antamad ko pa. Lol.

If you know what you want, you won't need to force yourself to get motivated. I think. Siguro. I don't know.

Gusto ko rin bang maging gaya ng ulap? Parang hindi naman...

* * * * * * * * *

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日曜日: May 30, 2021

Pakiramdam ko, sa sobrang pagkabwisit ko sa trabaho, lalo kong naa attract ang kamalasan.

Tumaya ako sa lotto. Ngayong gabi ang bola. Dama kong mananalo ako.

Pag may 46M na ko, pwede na ba ko magresign? Based sa kalkulasyon ko, I can live up to 86yo nang hindi nagtatrabaho while still maintaining the same lifestyle with that much money. Syempre di pa kasama yung kung may nagkasakit or emergency. Syempre wala na kong health card nun...

Pero, not so bad, di ba?


Watching the anime Saiki K. Sobrang laugh trip. Halfway na ko ng season 2, may season 3 pa. Ang sarap mag absent bukas para manood. Pero siguradong malulungkot ako pag natapos ko to.


Nag email na ko sa Manager namin kahapon ng formal complaint sa pagiging PDT backup. Wala pang reply. Siguro dahil weekend din kasi. Naka cc si Hudas pati si TL. 

Sa totoo lang, nakakapagod mainis sa isang tao no? Ayoko ng ganito. 

Sana manalo ko sa lotto mamaya.

* * * * * * * * *

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日曜日: May 9, 2021

Lee Do-Hyun. I just finished watching 18 Again. Takte, ang gwagwapo ng mga Koreans na 'to, hindi makatarungan. Lol.

Shift will be moved an hour later just for tomorrow. Request ng client, at all jp calls lang. Universe, help me.

Sa totoo lang, gusto ko mag absent. Mom rescued a kitten 2 weeks ago. I named her Hamanya. Her tummy was big when we got her. Until now malaki pa rin. I sent a message to the vet about a week back to ask if pwede ko nang i-deworm dahil nga makaki tiyan. Vet advised to bring her to the clinic first. I wasn't able to go last Thursday. Mejo matamlay sya these past few days. I'm scared that things can get worse if I'll wait pa. Sana payagan ako mag VL sa Tuesday. 

* * * * * * * * *

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日曜日: April 25, 2021

Only a few eps, and kilig na kilig na ko kay Simon at Daphne!❤


Few minutes before I end my lunch break. It's a chill Sunday at work. I'll be on leave tomorrow. 

Know what, last year, my net worth has gained another digit. It may take another decade to add another digit to that. I'm weighing my capacity of buying a land and building my own house.

Gusto ko at about 120sqm yung land. Para may space para sa garden at sa car. Kahit matagal na matagal pa siguro bago ako bumili ng car. I've searched fb para sa lot for sale, and the cheapest I found e 2x more than all the money that I have. Lupa palang yun. Wala pa yung pagawa ng house . As much as possible, I wish to keep as much money as I can for my future and for emergency. Though I earn 4x more than I used to, ang hirap parin pala. Sabi ng tatay ko, bat di daw ako mag rent-to-own nalang. Ayaw. Ayoko magbayad ng association dues. Para na rin akong nag rent nun. Gusto ko rin sana, around sjdm lang din. Never kasing bumaha rito.

Ano kayang gagawin ko?

One day, sana ipost ko nalang dito na lilipat na ko sa sarili kong bahay! Yebah!

Or even better, na mag-aasawa ako ng lalaking mayaman, gwapo, mabuting tao, who loves and treats me well. Yihiii! Lol.

Sabi ng mama ni Daphne sa kanya, piliin nya daw yung lalaki na pag kasama nya, she'll feel like she's with a good friend. In this lifetime, I only felt that kind of feeling twice. One was with R, and he's already married. Another was with J. Though single, I know we can never be. And it's all fine, really.

If the Heavens is really as generous how religion says He is, I'd like to believe that eventhough 2 chances had already passed me by, the Universe still has more to offer.

Maybe. Sana.

* * * * * * * * *

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日曜日: April 18, 2021

5:37 PM. In 23 minutes, out na ko. Bukas, panibagong pakikibaka na naman sa trabaho.

Nawawala pa rin ang panganay kong pusa. Dahil may sakit ako nung days off ko, hindi ko sya nagawang hanapin. Tomorrow will be the 2nd week since he had gone missing. Mom's cousin, Tito Leo, is an albularyo. I asked Mom if Tito can perform that tawas thingy to know my cat's whereabouts. She just laughed. I'm willing to try anything these days, you know. 

Surely, it will hurt me to find out that he's already dead, but I find it more painful to think that he's alive somewhere, hungry, or getting tortured. Tokwa, kahit nangangagat yun, tapik tapik lang palo ko dun- yung tamang matanggal lang yung pangil nya sa balat ko- tapos sasaktan lang ng kung sino?!

Nakakainis. Nasan na ba yung pusa ko? Kahit ganun, sweet naman yun, at sobrang love ko yun.

I dreamed of my cat a couple of days back. Bumalik na daw sya. And oh, I dreamt of something else too-- lovelife. Lol. Baliktad ba talaga ang mga panaginip? Huhu.

* * * * * * * * *

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日曜日: April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

In a little more than an hour, I'll be ending my shift.

Whenever I pass a picture of an echeveria on my newsfeed, I remember Angel of The Black Princess—some girl who used to raise succulents and recently died. I've been following her page in Facebook. Her plants looked out-of-this-world beautiful. I wonder what happens now that she's no longer around.

My friend's uncle, who was a known fashion designer, also died yesterday. Comorbidity daw. COVID + diabetes.

Alam mo ba na may mga taong naniniwala na hindi totoo ang COVID? Gawagawa lang daw ito ng gobyerno at ng China.

Just last week when I went to the hospital, I found 2 people on the ER asking for their family member to be admitted in the isolation facility. The patient was tested COVID positive. They looked and sounded desparate. The doctors, who seemed to have done this a lot of times already, didn't look any better. Said they were already full, and there were about 20 people on the waiting list pa.

Ang hirap ng mga panahong ito. Ang hirap talaga. Isang malaking hug, people.

Next week, Feast of Divine Mercy na. I haven't been in good terms with God for quite some time. I'm still trying to quietly rebuild my faith. 

Sabi sa promise ni God through Sr. Faustina, He will open His floodgates of mercy daw sa Feast of Divine Mercy. Might still be worth the try.

* * * * * * * * *

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Chotto ne
日曜日: March 28, 2021

Hindi ko alam. Posible kasing ako yung mali. Trust issue lang ba to, or sadyang something's off with this person?

The last time, I learned from a teammate that he was asking to borrow 4k. Kinapos daw e. Tapos, recently lang, he posted on the GC asking for financial help because his mother was going to be discharged from the hospital and the bill got all piled up daw. And he wasn't asking to borrow money then ha, but a "help" daw, so hingi. Tas this morning, wala pang 1 week ata since he posted that on our work GC, kaka in ko lang sa work, nag private message na sya sakin asking to borrow 1k.

I know how it felels like not to have money while your loved one is in the hospital. I experienced that first hand. But it never occur to me to ask for my workmates' help. I never asked anyone to lend me money. And those people have known me for years ha. Eh sya kilala lang namin sa pangalan at sa profile pic na gamit nya sa outlook. That's it.

Pero alam ko, mahirap naman talaga mag judge. Baka sadyang iba iba lang ang mga tao.

I said "no" when he asked to borrow money dahil totoong maintaining balance nalang ang natira sa bank account ko at wala pang sweldo. I even borrowed some money to Mom to buy prescription pet food for my sick kittens, because the store was only accepting cash. I practically live with credit cards alone. I rarely leave money in the bank, much less in my wallet. Hindi naman sya namilit nung humindi ako. Iniisip ko nalang, baka nasa sitwasyon sya na wala talaga syang choice kundi manghiram ng pera. Though I'm not sure if napilitan lang ba syang humingi ng tulong. He sent his message sa GC around 3x when he was asking for financial help.

I feel like there's something off with this guy. Pero siguro nga judgmental lang ako. Our TL said alam daw nila ang sahod naming mga bilinguals. I was ok with it, until this other TL started acting this way. Parang hindi na tuloy ako comfortable. Nag-aalala rin ako na baka masanay sya na laging lumalapit samin twing gipit sya dahil lang sa alam nya how much we earn. Sana mali ako. Siguro hindi naman sya ganun.

Hayst.  Alam ko naman na posibleng misjudgment lang to on my part. Pero kahit ganon, I'm glad that he's not our TL. Salbahe ba ko?

I'm liking our TL so much better now. Surely, I mistook him for a scammer on our first encounter. LOL. Pero sobrang ok naman pala sya. Best plus point nya sakin e when he didn't let Robert have his way when he asked demanded not to take backlogs. The other TL said yes to that without considering na unfair yun sa ibang members ng JP team. Nagustuhan ko how he's fair and firm. Hindi sya nagpa intimidate sa unli-complaints and unli-demands ni Robert. Buti nalang talaga, sya ang TL namin.


My stomach still feels funny. The doctor prescribed rehydrating powder for me kahit wala naman akong diarrhea. Sabi monitor ko daw for 24 hours. If I'll show symptoms, I will need to go daw to East Ave to see a toxicologist. Goodluck. ECQ na sa Bulacan bukas.

Ampangit ng lasa ng rehydrating powder na hinalo sa tubig. Bleh.

Hindi ako papasok bukas. Mag rest daw sabi ni doc. Watching kdrama ng nakahiga is also "rest", di ba?

* * * * * * * * *

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March 28 2021
日曜日: March 28, 2021

"1 part H2O2, 1 part water," - the label says. I put that label myself. Pero dahil ang sabaw ko nitong mga nakaraang araw, napagkamalan kong tubig.

What a wa-poise way to be sent go to ER.


* * * * * * * * *

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日曜日: March 14, 2021

Angel of The Black Princess died just yesterday. She's a person I follow in FB kasi ang galing nyang mag raise ng cacti and succulents. Para syang may magic. Said the doctors weren't able to figure out what was wrong with her. I read recent posts when she was already sick. She was talking about her fears. I wonder if she knew she'd actually die. Or was she expecting that she'd somehow get through it?

I don't really know if I'm scared of dying myself. I'm just way too scared at the thought of my loved ones dying, to be scared of my own death.



Ang gloomy ng paligid nitong mga nakaraang araw. Gusto ko ng masaya. Ano ba maganda panoorin?


Our area will be back on lockdown by Monday. Hindi ko na alam kung saan ko nailapag yung quarantine pass ko. Tokwa. 

Stay safe, People! Hugs. </3

* * * * * * * * *

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