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日曜日. February 11, 2024


Weekend shift.

Ilang linggo nalang at aalis na ko sa kompanya, napa weekend shift pa ko. Okay lang naman, super chill. Nakakakaba lang na pag may hindi ako alam wala akong matanungan.

I don't feel emotionally well these days. Baka PMS, or siguro  nagsisimula na rin mag sink in na soon e wala na kong trabaho. Kaya ko bang pangatawanang hindi na ko mag empleyado from here on?

Hindi ko alam. Ang alam ko lang, gusto ko nang maging malaya.

Haaa. Alam ko. Hindi naman nagbago yung fact na kailangan ko nang pera para mabuhay. Haaaaay.

Kaya ko ba to?

Haaaa. Kaya ko to.


Nabitin ako sa available episodes ng Solo Leveling sa Netflix kaya binasa ko yung manhwa. Took me 2 days to finish all 200 chapters. Kaya siguro eto, feeling lost and empty ako dahil katatapos ko lang basahin ang comics na may exceptional na kwento. Healthy kaya yung ganito? The source of this sense of loss is not even real. Lol.


Haaaa. I don't like this feeling.

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日曜日. January 21, 2024


I have over a month pa, pero ang diwa ko e naka resigned mode na.

Mapayapa ang isip ko today, dahil hindi sumasagi sa isip ko na may pasok nga pala ako bukas.

Haaaaaa. Konting tiis nalang. Matatapos din to.

Next week, I will meet the SAP girls, my workmates, for lunch on a Saturday. Sa totoo lang, gusto ko magtipid bilang magreresign na ko, pero sige na nga. Minsan lang to.

I feel at peace at the thought of resigning from this company. I emptied my locker sa 14th floor from my previous account, since I'm currently using Seki's- a workmate who resigned over a month ago. Before February 1, I have to empty this locker too, and all my stuff sa office. Because yung pagbalik ko dito sa office e to return the assets na.

Normal ba na ma excite ka at the thought na wala ka nang trabaho? Ewan ko.

Habang nakatambay ako sa bahay para magpahinga at mag-isip, I want to use this mantra:

I am smart and talented.

Whatever I do, I will prosper. 

Wherever I go, I will flourish. 

I'm earning massive amount of money.

Then, if maayos na ang lahat on that department, siguro ito naman.

I want to find a man I can love to my heart's content.

A man who will return the same love to me twice as much.

I'm grateful that I feel this hope in me. A hope for an even better future. Sana nga, maging so much better pa ang lahat pag nakaalis ko sa company na to.

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日曜日. December 31, 2023

Thank you, 2023

Today, I slept in, ate, took a bath, paid the bills, updated my financial spreadsheet, cuddle my cats, read BL.

2023 was a pretty unremarkable year. I think that, in itself, is a blessing. 

I am grateful that my family is still complete. 

I know others are not as lucky.

I have work, though I've been itching to resign.

I have met new people, visited places I've never been, learned new things, and so on.

There were sad days, but I think, I was overall happy.

I pray that 2024 will be just as kind.

I pray for peace and prosperity for myself, my family, and my country. 

I pray for great new people to meet.

I hope that 2024 will be a year of smiles, laughter, and building good relationships and memories.

I hope I'll get to build more wealth this year.

That my family and I will live with abundance on all good things. 

I pray for health. I pray for love. I pray for happiness, and massive wealth for me and my family. 

I pray for more travels, more reunions with friends. 

I'm glad that I feel so hopeful. 

Sana maging masaya at masagana rin ang 2024 ninyong lahat.

Happy New Year, Tabby  peeps! ❤️

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日曜日. December 3, 2023


I made a little scene at the office last Friday after the boss asked to talked to me. I'm too tired to explain about it right now.

I've been sick for over a week. I haven't been finishing my meals properly due to lack of appetite, but I'm seriously craving for homemade cookies. It's been a super long time since sis-in-law made some. I wish she'll make them again soon.


I want to resign. I don't know how long will I be able to hold on to this job. It's really painful to stay, but I need money.

Ano bang gagawin ko?

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日曜日. September 24, 2023


I really hate having weekends off. Sometimes relatives visit. And when they notice you have some money, kahit malayo pa e gusto na nila agad mamasko. Idk.

I spent weeks of having real bad allergies. Isang week lang akong naging maginhawa while on meds. After stopping meds, the allergies came back. I went complete vegetarian, pero tokwa, hindi nawala yung allergies. Mom called Tito Leo, yung kamaganak naming albolaryo. Mom resorted to getting an albolaryo dahil hindi mawala wala yung allergies ko.

Days later, I figured that my allergies were from butter and peanuts. Tumigil ang allergies after avoiding these stuff, but my mom still claimed it was because of Tito Leo. Lol.

Do you know that raw butter helps you get rid of wrinkles? Kaya I always add butter on rice. But now that I can't have butter anymore, I wonder if I'd start having wrinkles. I hope not. 

i guess the sad part is that most bread has butter. I love bread. Huhu.


I feel sick of this life. Hahaha.

Nakakatamad gumising.

Busy sa work. Wala ka manlang makuhang inspiration since wala akong crush dun. Ang lungkot kaya.

I'm not even asking for a boyfriend. Gusto ko lang ng bagong crush. Seriously. 

Oh, wait! I have one. Si Stell ng SB19. I've watched him sa The Voice Generations. He's funny and cute. I love him.

But I still want a real-life crush. Or better, maybe a legitimate boyfriend. 

Will travel to Hong Kong with my parents as my birthday celebration. Sana may mameet akong pogi.


Haaaay. Ganito ba pag adult ka na? You need to force yourself to get used to being unhappy?

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日曜日. July 9, 2023


Hindi ko alam kung bakit pagod na pagod ako these past few days.

Nakalipat na ako sa new account. The employees here are young, and our team is comprised mostly of women. And they're like "womanly" women. The type who wear skirt and all. From my previous account, 3 lang kaming babae, at ako lang yung pumapasok ng naka dress sa office. I've been browsing Shein for new clothes. Because with this, I can dress up without holding back, since wearing girly clothes here will less likely make you stand out. E kaso naalala ko na ang dami ko nga palang leave without pay, at posibleng wala akong masyadong sahurin next cut off. Oh well.

Busy sa new account, but the kids here seem to love their job. Mabait yung mga boss. The big boss talked to me at day 1. Sabi nya, I'll have another language assessment where pag pumasa ako, I'll be a part of JT. If that happens, pure Japanese support lang daw ang gagawin ko. Pero if not, I have nothing to worry daw, as I'll stay here, only, I'll be supporting English, and serve as a JP backup.

I informed Meguri of my transfer. Nag apply din pala sya sa account na ito, pero hindi daw sya pumasa. He told me na I'll be better off supporting English dahil kahit daw native Japanese like him e nahihirapan sa technical terms sa account na ito. Well, ewan ko. May sense naman. Siguro pride lang din na ayoko bumagsak. At the same time, despite having the big boss reassuring me that they'll gonna make me stay, andun parin talaga yung takot. I still need this job. Basta. Bahala na.

On my Day 2, nilibre ako ng officemate ko ng milk tea bilang pag welcome. Ang sweet lang.

Kung tutuusin, wala naman ginagawa sa new account ko so far. They just instructed me to observe. Pero since I have a new pc na, I started reviewing for the coming language assessment. Wala kasi exact date kung kelan, so I feel like I need to prepare, the sooner the better.

Hindi ko nameet yung other JP agent. Wala sya the entire week. I could be wrong, pero iniisip ko na baka ayaw nya pa ko ma meet. Hahaha. But it's not like she can avoid me forever. Lol.

May dadating daw na VIP. Yun yatang nag interview sakin na client from Russia. Mejo makulit yung naging interview ko with him. Sana hindi sya ma disappoint upon meeting me personally. But then, what's there to be disappointed about? I mean, if I'm awesome enough during the interview that they decided to hire a complete clueless like me, then they should be prepared to be surprised on how so much more awesome I am in real life. Heh.

Ah, jeez. I want to buy new clothes.

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日曜日. October 30, 2022

My shift today was an hour earlier than usual, kaya maaga rin akong umuwi. One more day and I'll be wrapping up my work week.

Reading Brother Auto Spot. The MC is a tattoo artist. Made me want to get a tattoo. It also brought back my longing to become an artist. Or at least someone talented (?).

Gahh. 3 years na pala ko sa work. Sobrang ideal ng trabahong to. Pari yung commuting route ko, sobrang perfect. Pero... ewan. Gusto ko nang yumaman at maging malaya.

Been working real hard at work lately. Nalaman ko kasi na malaki pala ang increase pag napromote ka sa B1. 3 months ko lang naman kailangan mag sipag para maging number 1, tas magiging B1 na ko. Ang hirap lang kaso sobrang sipag ni Tua. Kahit anong sipag ko sa pagkuha ng chats, mas mataas parin ng numbers nya kesa sakin. Plus, midshift pa sya, so mas maraming pumapasok na calls sa oras ng shift nya. If I will try harder, tingin ko kaya ko naman. Kaso, nakakapagod talaga. Bukod don, challenge din sakin magmultitask. Iniisip ko nga kung kapansan ba to. May kasama ako sa work na kayang sabay sabay mag-assist on  5 chats, habang naka auto-in pa! Tokwa, lumagpas lang ng isa yung chat ko, umiikot na paningin ko. Kapansanan kaya ito? 

Gah, nakakatamad. Worth it bang magpakapagod for 3 months para sa ganung kalaking increase? Hindi naman ganun kalaki. Sakto lang. Over 14k sa papel, pero minus tax, nasa 7k ata per month. Naincreasan din naman ako ng 3k+ this quarter, pero hindi talaga dama. Tuloy ko pa ba? Iniisip ko rin na sayang naman yung efforts ko for this month kung susuko na ko. Todo iwas rin akong mag unplanned leave dahil ayokong mabawasan score ko. Hayst. Worth it ba? Ewan.

Gusto kong maging bad-ass artist na may maangas na tattoo. Nanghihinayang lang ako sa skin ko. Bukod dun, siguradong magagalit yung nanay ko. I like the skin in my arms. Should I put it on the neck? Iniisip ko kung ok ba sa fingers. Bet ko rin sa part ng wrist na makikita ng audience twing hahawak ako ng microphone during a speech, or any speaking gigs.

Namimiss ko na mag speech! I feel so bad-ass whenever I'm on stage, or in front of the crowd. Namimiss ko yung feeling na yun. Kasi ngayon, I'm just this lame-ass woman in her late 30s, taking care of cats, and staying home all the time, reading BL. Gah, I'm so uncool.

Excited na ko sa FCON. Excited na rin akong dalhin sila Mama sa Okada. Hindi pa naapprove ng boss ko yung leave, pero nakabili na ko ng tickets ng FCON and ng tour. Nakapag book narin ako ng place to stay. I'll be in so much trouble kung hindi pala yun maa approve. Gah. Sana naman.

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日曜日. September 4, 2022


My boss, who lives in China, called me on Teams kanina. He informed me that Robert will be transferred in night shift. He said it's just the start. He said he hope that I'd feel better and apologized that it took him so long. Of course, the news had long reached me. Oh well...

It's not that I wish Robert any harm, you know. He's surely an annoyance. But just like a spec of dust that gets into your eye, it's not like you'd get angry on that spec of dust, di ba? There are things that are just too insignificant to be angry about. Robert is just like that. It was just when he started to be persistently annoying that I started to care.

Oh well, at least wala na sya. Technically, he'll still be there, but I won't need to interact with him anymore. All is good.

I feel grateful to the boss though. And on how my workmates reacted.


Kanina, nakita ko ulet yung gay crush ko sa office. I haven't seen him in a while. I just happen to see him today because I went to work 1 hour earlier. I said "good morning". He commented about not seeing me during the weekend shift. Wendy explained that I've always been on a weekend shift, only on a later time. Sabi nya, dapat daw 8 ako pumapasok para di ako nae escalate. Mukhang nakarating na rin sa kanya yung tungkol samin ni Robert. Mababaw na usapan lang naman ang naganap, pero gumanda parin ang umaga ko. Ang cute talaga ng crush ko.

Supposed to meet my friends kaninang lunch. Hindi na naman natuloy. Gusto ko mag swimming with them. Tinatamad lang talaga ko.

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日曜日. August 28, 2022


Lab rat mode last Thur and Fri, I was not able to go to work. They extracted a lot of blood from my arm, it made my head spin.

Declined another gala invitation from friends. Partly because of my knees, mostly because I don't want to spend even a single day from my rest day commuting again. I wish we have a place in Metro—not that the commute there is any better.

Ah, I want to get so rich that I'll never have to force myself to wake up early to go to work anymore.

Isang araw pa at rest day na. Thank you  Universe!

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