Friday, May 25, 2018


Do you remember the first time someone said to you, "I love you"?

I remember he was acting odd that day, I seriously thought he was having stomach ache. When I got home, we were texting and he was picking a fight thru text for absolutely no reason. Then after all his virtual tantrums, in his message he said, "I think I love you."

I remember I was so shocked. He was the last person I expected to hear it from. In my panic, I threw my phone on the bed and buried it under a pile of pillows, looking at it like it was gonna explode or something. Lol, it was quite traumatic. 

I remember smoothing my chest to calm my rampaging heart asking, "what did just happen?"

Funny, right? But I guess I never really change so much. If it happens now, I might react the same way. Can't throw my phone though, because, 1st, this is Mom's phone. 2nd, this si expensive, Mom will probably kill me.

I wonder how are we going to find love when the slightest hint of mushiness makes us cringe and run away. This is just too pathetic, it's almost laughable.

But I'm going to outgrow all these because I'm going to find a good man and with him, build my own family.


Ok joke lang to. Pero posible kaya na ang Prince Charming ko e nakatira sa Maldives at pinanganak lang nung 12 yo na ko?

Lol. Probably not. Pero hindi naman siguro kailangang laging may romantic angle ang mga bagay bagay. I just remember my AOTS days. I really miss meeting people from different countries. 

Written by cinderellaareus at 08:19 AM.

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