Wednesday: May 30, 2018

It's 10:18pm. There are things to do, but here I am, sitting on my favorite swivel chair as I type this. Just like earlier when I was riding the bus, my phone was beeping, but the moon and the night sky were so beautiful, I didn't want to miss a moment of it. I ignored my phone and admired the night sky instead. Truth is, I was trained to jump into doing seemingly urgent things... but lately, I'm changing, and I'm liking it. I think I just want to put priority to what really matters.


Years ago, Fr. Mario mentioned in his homily about the promises of Jesus to Sister Faustina. I remember I thought of researching about it, and it took me years to actually do so.

I just read it today. 17 things that Jesus revealed to Sr. Faustina about the Divine Mercy. As I was reading it, narealize ko lang na ang sweet sweet din talaga ni Jesus.

"I want to save them all," he said.

He also said na the more na grabe yung mga kasalanan mo, kahit kasing dami pa ng mga buhangin, mas lalong malaki yung karapatan mo para sa Kanyang Mercy. Minsan ang hirap din talagang hindi mahalin ang Diyos no. Sobrang bait Nya naman kasi.

Hindi naman ako madaling maapektohan pag jina-judge ako ng iba, pero just to be sure, I saved the link sa bookmark ko para sakali mang husgahan ako ng iba sa mga bagay na nagawa at hindi ko ginawa, maaalala ko na si Jesus, unli ang Mercy, unli kung magpatawad.

Naalala ko yung paborito kong chapel sa Megamall. Sa loob kasi ng office na katabi ng main chapel, meron pang maliit na chapel na madalas kong tambayan kapag nalulungkot o naguguluhan ako. Sa maliit na chapel na yun, may picture ni Jesus na sobrang gustong gusto ko. Akala ko dati, sacred heart ang tawag dun. Kay Jenny ko lang nalaman na yun pala yung Divine Mercy. Mahal na mahal ko yung image na yun. Pag pumupunta ko don, minsan ididikit ko lang yung noo ko sa picture ni Jesus at kumakalma ko tas natatagpuan ko yung peace. Nakakatuwa na all those times, ayun na pala yung Divine Mercy.


Every day that passed since the week started felt like Friday to me. I'm reading my Toni Robbins book. I should be writing posts for my businesses, or buying ads, but I guess I want to slow down for just a bit. Do very little and then see how things pan out.

Same sa love front. Do very little, see what will work out, and then from there, decide. If things don't work, then we can all just move on and proceed to the next.

I want to keep things as simple as possible. Incur the littlest damage possible-to myself, to the person involved. After all, feelings are investment too. You've got to dream big, but start small. 

I will have considerably more time this coming month. I want to use this time to expand my world. Gabby have a lot of club hopping sched jotted on his calendar. I might join him on some of these.

Naalala ko yung sabi ni Sis Rissa noon. Naisip nya daw dati na sakali man na dumating yung time na nasa point na sya ng buhay nya na wala na talaga. Na hindi nya na makukuha yung gusto nyang makuha, at least daw, she can look back and say, "Lord, at least I tried."

Well, ako rin. I also want to at least try.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 11:07 PM.

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