Saturday: June 16, 2018

Umulan kahapon pagkatapos ng workhours ko. Buong araw na masakit ang ulo ko at mejo nilaglagnat pa. Bukod don, masakit pa yung tiyan ko. I had every reason to skip our TM meeting and there was a battle inside my head whether I will attend or not. In the end I found myself riding the bus, telling the konductor to drop me off in Kamias, then rode a jeep and got myself to our meeting's venue.

It was my last meeting as our VP Ed and as an officer in general. Can't miss it, I had to bypass all my excuses. Kahit ulan at sakit ng tiyan, hinamak ko. Ganito rin kaya ako magmahal? Cheret.

Good morning, Tabby! It's 11am. Kagigising ko lang. There's a lot of things to do. Today, I will bring my baby girl, Gigi, to the vet. Her eyes started to look foggy, we suspect she has cataract. We have 2 more dogs who have the same problem. I would love to send them to the vet too and I could. Only, Mom told me that if I do, those 2 might fight until they kill eachother once their eyes hurt from the operation. I'd rather have them blind than dead.

I few years back, Mom offered to send me back to school to study to become a vet myself so I can take care of our dogs. I loved the idea but I wasn't able to go with it because I was laden with my excuses. I wish I can just wake up one day tas, poof! Vet na ko!

Tomorrow's Father's day. Next week's Mom's birthday week. Mom's birthday celebrationsssss started a few weeks back and will continue probably until the month ends. Our queen can't have just one birthday celebration indeed.

Kailangan ko na mag diet. I tried IF. Didn't work. I'm back to Atkins for 2 days now. This remains to be the most effective for me so far. I'm already 10 kilos away from my weight 5 years ago. 10 kilos!!! Yoko na, penging blade! T_T

A few changes once July comes. Today I woke up with a few members' messages asking about their speeches. Someone even requested to be scheduled for a speech yesterday. There's so much to relay to the next VP Ed. I really forgot how to be an ordinary member. This might get a lot of getting used to.


Yung crush ko from other club, dumalaw samen kahapon. Tagal kong nastuck sa venue after the meeting, hindi ko manlang kinausap. Hindi ko naman lalandiin, gusto ko lang makilala. Kaso ang sakit nga kasi ng tiyan ko. Huhu.

He's cute pala sa malapitan and mukhang mabait. Single kaya yun? Ang hirap kumilos pag masyadong malayo, sana mag member nalang sya samin. 

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Written by cinderellaareus at 11:28 AM.

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