Monday, July 23, 2018


Braving Monday with a sleepy head. It's been a long while since I had sleeping problems. I don't know what triggers this. Takte.

I went to this place I'm in now to find some quiet place to think and plan my life. I want to use the things I learned from the Harvest Master game and use it in real life. So ano na 'Te?

I feel wierd. I'm not even sleepy. Tamang lutang lang. Gawd, what's wrong with me? I few things piss me of. Ayoko na nang ganitong setup. Alam mo bang kahit sa bible nakasulat na you are supposed to protect your heart? Surely,  I trained myself to quickly move on, pero di ba lahat naman ng sugat, mag iiwan at mag iiwan din ng scar.


Hindi ko maintindihan kung anong point ng meron akong acct sa isang dating site kung lahat naman hindi ko pinapansin.

Tingin ko kasi mas gusto ko pa rin yung tunay na tao flesh and bones.


Halfway July. On the 29th, it's gonna be my 5th year here at the cage. I think this month and the last one had been tough. Ayoko na ring dagdagan pa yun bad feeling so wala nang sisihan ng sarili. Maaayos ko rin to. Oh God please...


30% of the time, I think of how much I'm missing you. 30% thinking how nice it would be like to be with you. Another 30 thinking how maybe this is such a terrible idea. The remaining 10 reminding myself how I have a lot more pressing things to think about.

Oh God, I need sleep.


Change of heart:

Enggwepenengnewmembernemen, OMG!!!!

Written by cinderellaareus at 11:52 AM.

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