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Monday, August 6, 2018


"Ok lang. Sumadal ka dito." He said motioning his shoulder and I was like, "Lol, no."

My head aches and my eyes sear. Had a crying fiesta for no reason and very little sleep. I must be getting old.


Yesterday, I cleaned up my room and threw away stuff. I decided to let go of the letters I've kept since high school. Some of which were written by people who are already dead now.

"Sana itago mo 'to," I remember he once said. But this is long overdue.


TM meeting last Friday. JP gave me a whole bag of fruits so heavy that when Gabby said, "samin na kayo sumabay," hindi na ko humindi. In the end, I got home at 3am. Lol.

Was with my Instagirlfriends then. While in the car, the topic went to rated R-ish, I swear I can't understand them-probably more than half of the time.

My friends, even outside TM, are mostly around my age. And yet, at 32, I'm probably still the most nene of them all.

But is that a bad thing?


Last Friday, Jer told me, he resigned na. I thought he was joking pero sabi nya totoo daw. I remember I was also around his age when I left 1st co and the CE profession altogether. He is a CE too and it seems like he's going to do the same thing I did. It's like seeing my old self in someone else's life. I think Jer will probably do better than I did though. He's very disciplined and always strong in his resolve.

In a way, I'm envious. There's nothing I want more right now than to be free too. Without letting my family starve, that is.


Pero wait, kaya ko naman yun di ba?

Kaya ko yon! Puteeek, kaya ko talaga yon!

Wait for me, Universe.

Written by cinderellaareus at 09:07 AM.

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