Ten Of Swords
Thursday: September 27, 2018

Exactly how I've been feeling lately.


Ten of Swords
Hi Zah.

The Ten of Swords is the card of absolute failure. This is a hard place to be, the most devastating period ever.

Life brought you here despite everything you tried to do to stop this. There is nothing more to do, nowhere you can go, and nobody else to be.

You are forced into the depth of your inner world. The outside world has stopped you fully.

Failing doesn't change your value, worth, or goodness. It feels like it does. But that is a big part of this lesson. Nothing you did or didn't do could have won this situation. Now you have the chance to learn to love and accept yourself regardless of what you accomplish or don't.

There may even have been a set of lies and betrayals from others leading you to an unfair position in life. You now have to come to terms with finding self-love even when you have been framed. You now have the chance to fall, exhausted, into universal love that has no judgments of you.

You have to find self-respect that goes far deeper than others' judgments. This is especially challenging when judgments are based on false pretenses. However, there is nothing else left to do but liberate your mind.

If you tried to win in a situation and all seemingly intelligent acts of will backfired, you are being asked to surrender to the universal will. Who you thought you were, what you thought you were meant to do, and the ways you thought you were going to do it, just weren't accurate. Let life take over and help. Your only job now is to do nothing.

You will come out well later, though that means little when one is in the worst depths of despair. The lessons of self-love, self-worth, and trust in universal will are about to become evident. Don't push it. Rest. This will all dawn upon you as time goes on, once you give up.

Once you are saturated with new understanding, tenderness and compassion for self and others will grow strong. Your situation will improve greatly by not exercising will for awhile. You will later see that this experience paved the foundation for your dreams to come true and far greater success to take hold. It just cannot be now.

Hibernate, with no will-power being used for awhile. If you need someone to handle basics for you, be humble enough to ask. That's about all you can do at this point anyway.

If you fought against the Ten of Swords consciousness, you enforced your own downfall. Lies, addictions, or complete denial of healthy participation brought you here. Others saw it coming, but you kept your eyes closed. Time for growth work and amends.

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Written by cinderellaareus at 10:58 AM.

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