Tuesday: October 9, 2018

Just got back from a 3-day long weekend, tas nagkasakit pa ko. Takte. Wanna go home. Huhu.

So how are things going? At times I feel like there's a lot going on, but not really. I'll be going to watch an opera for the first time this Friday and I need to hunt for a dress/gown. Couldn't take a leave because Partner already filed his so haggardan ito. After work I need to fly to the venue nang naka gown. Thank you very much. Sa totoo lang, I'd rather stay home.

In about a month now, the cage will transfer to another site since they'll give up the current building na. They will provide me advance and deposit for a place to stay near the new office for about 3 months. I'm already feeling homesick, but I'm not so sure if kaya ng katawang lupa ko magcommute. It's not really that far from the current site, but the traffic jam in that area is known to be epic. Partner will not be going with us so we need to hunt for a new native speaker. Sana maging maayos ang lahat.


BFF is busy with the wedding prep. I will be the MOH. This is the 2nd time I'll be a MOH. The 1st was during my brother's wedding. Said the wedding will be an intimate one lang daw. Closest friends and relatives lang ang invited, yet for some reason, BFF invited my entire family.

Mom and Dad will the one of the ninongs and ninangs. The wedding will be in Batangas and BFF will give me and my family 2 days accomodation dun sa venue. I've always seen BFF as a sister. To me, she's family. Nakakatuwa lang na her love for me is extended even to my family.

From someone who can't stop checking, now I can't bring myself to even look. Nakaka amuse ang evolution ng heartbreak na to.

Hindi pa naman talaga ok.

The last time I was watching a K-dram entitled 'Go back couple'. Tungkol sa mag-asawa na nag file ng divorce and they both wished na sana hindi nalang nila nakilala ang isa't isa. Then by some miracle, nag timetravel sila parehas sa nakaraan nila at nung nagkakilala sila when they were 20 yo. It was such a cute drama. Kahit patapos na ko sa sumunod na dramang pinapanood ko, naiisip isip ko parin to.

Ano kaya ang gagawin ko kung sakaling mag time travel ako sa past? What will I do differently? Marami akong naisip gawin. Mga bagay na gusto ko itama. Na surprise lang ako na willing pala akong hindi ka nalang makilala at all.

Putek. I feel like my heart is a whole lot sicker than my immune system.

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Written by cinderellaareus at 11:41 AM.

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