Sunday: October 28, 2018

Woke up at past 10am today. 1st time to have an 8-hour sleep for a very long time though technically, its just 6+2 hours. I learned that once my back hit it's 6-hour limit from lying in bed, I can just sit on my swivel chair for a few minutes then go back to sleep for a few hours more and voila! Total of 8 hours sleep. Not as good as a continuous sleep, but I think, this will do.


I noticed a sign at the toilet door that says "schedules" along with names and respective time, so I asked Tita what it is:

Tita N: Schedule ng linis nila ng cr. Sila naman gumagamit kaya sila na rin pinapalinis ko, pero babaguhin natin yan.

Mama: Punta nalang ako dito pag schedule na ni <insert my name here>. Hindi marunong maglinis yan e.

Tita N: Wag na, Ate. Ako na maglilinis pag schedule ni <insert my name here"

I often hear my parents lambast somebody else's children for being lazy and not helping out in the house. Funny how they totally overlook that their very own daugther is just the same. Maybe worse.

I can't cook nor dishes. I'm not really looking forward to this.

When I was little, Mom used to tell me it's important that I learn how to wash clothes. Then we found out that from detergent to rubber gloves, I have allergies, she just ended up saying, "wag ka na nga lang maglaba".

Mom is meticulous with clothes. We have washing machine, but she handwashes most of the clothes still. When get rich, I will buy Mom a washing machine na isasalang nalang tas paglabas plantsado na. If she complains, "masisira ang damit," I will just tell her, "It's ok. I'll buy new ones". Sarap!


I'll still be looking for a place to stay. Though Tita N is really nice, nakakahiya parin kasi. Bukod dun, sabi nya, yayayain nya daw ako maging INC. Bukod sa habit nilang maging cause ng matinding traffic,  wala naman akong issue sa INC. Still, I don't want to be one of them. Marami nga sigurong issues sa Catholic church, and maybe we have leaders who are far from holy, but I still want to stay here. I actually intend to stay for the rest of my life. Ayoko lang sana na kulitin pa ko ni Tita.

Some of the very few things that I actually look forward to about our transfer in shaw is that, I'll be nearer my favorite church. It's gonna be Christmas soon and maybe Father Mario will be back in the Philippines for a Christmas vacation. Miss na miss ko na marinig ang homily nya.

Whenever I see priests whose skills in giving homily could use a lot of improvement, naiisip ko talaga na sana may sumaling mga pari sa Toastmasters. Maybe we can build a club inside the seminary also. See, theirs is a very important task of proclaming the gospel. It's crucial that they develop an exceptional skills in public speaking since they carry the most important message. Pag may nakilala akong pari, itutulak ko talaga syang sumali samin. Father Mario is already good, he doesn't really need to be a TM. Still, I'm curious how his speeches would be like kung maging TM din sya.

I miss my club already. Dad's operation will be on 17th. By 16th, dapat daw nasa hospital na sya. Mukhang hindi na naman ako makakaattend.


Skipped the movie day out today because the sched of the cinema is not very good. Ok na rin because it's Tito Romy's birthday pala so I got to hang out with my relatives. The "ikaw kelan" question flooded once again, and I am now more than ready to give a witty reply. I know these people mean well. I don't hate them. I'm quite okay with all these. Maybe one day, mag-eevolve din ang mga demands nila into, "kailan ang kasal" or "mag-anak na kayo" or "sundan nyo na yan" and so on.

Siguro iba-iba lang talaga pace ng paglakad natin sa buhay. Hindi naman siguro kailangan makipag sabayan o makipaghabulan. I don't if I will get to build my own family sa lifetime na 'to. Pero sana, sakali mang magawa ko nga yun, I hope by then, confident na ko sa sarili ko. Yung maipapangako ko sa kanila (husband and kids) na mahal ko sila at hinding hindi ko sila ipagpapalit, and actually live up to that promise.

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