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Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Currently watching a K-drama, cute and fast-paced, it reminds me of a love story that happened eons ago.

Once upon the was a girl named Z who was freshly out of high school, battling her way through college. She met two of her first friends, R and B, who both lived near the room Z rented in. One day, B confessed that she's liking one of their classmates, Y. B said she wants to let Y know that she likes him through a letter. Being the kunsintidora friend that she was, Z invites R and B to her place to brainstorm what to include in the love letter. When Z read what B initially wrote, it made her cringe. She thought to herself, "I can't make my friend send her love letter like this". So she offered to "fix" the letter (which means, she rewrote everything). When she was finished everyone was pleased. To make the letter even more special, Z wrote the top and bottom portion in her own lettering style. When all was set, B sent the letter to Y.

Semester was over. B had to leave school. Z stayed, and Y started giving her chocolates.

The end.


Every time I try to dig my own history, I can hardly find a good love story to tell. Oh, well... at least, I can hope that the future will be better.

I was just thinking, "if he really likes me, he'd <insert something ridiculous here>. Then, he actually does, so I run away.

Weeks back, Bea told us how important it is for people who experienced loss-including heartbreak-to receive counseling.

Iniisip ko kung kailangan ko ba ng psychologist.

Written by cinderellaareus at 11:48 AM.

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