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Saturday: January 26, 2019

So the day progressed yesterday with me wholeheartedly believing tbat it was Thursday until someone from the office said, "happy weekend", so I had to check my phone only to realized it was Friday. Thank you very much.

Home now. There were a lot of things I was so scared and worried about. But there's just something magical about being home that it melts my worries away. In a couple of days, maybe my fears will haunt me back again. But for now, I want to enjoy home.

My niece happily reported to me that she went to her new school yesterday. Come June and she'll leave day care and will move to nursery. Bro and sis-in-law decided to send her to the same school that Bro and I attended. It was funny my niece was boasting "ang laki ng school ko" so I told her dun rin kami nag aral ng daddy nya. I even showed her the picture.

It seems like yesterday when that picture was taken. Grade 1, I was 7 and Brother was grade 2. It was Christmas party so we weren't on uniforms. In the background, my cousins are visible in blurred forms as they were approaching us to have all our pictures taken.

Ang bilis ng paglipas ng panahon. My neice doesn't want to have siblings. I wouldn't know if I'd be the same when I was her age because I was never given a choice. When I was born, I already have a brother. Mom said my brother had always wanted to have one though.


I just finished Legend of the blue sea yesterday. Looks like I can finish a 20-episode long series in a week because I don't really have so much work load. If I'd kept watching, I can finish about 52 series in a year. I can already feel Kdramas frying my brain cells.

I'm a woman who likes men. I think there will be always something nice about a guy if only you will look hard enough. Maybe it's in the way he talks. Or in the way his eyes squint when he's smiling. Or the way he adjusts the watch on wrist. I think men are fascinating creatures.

But with these kdrama men being so perfect and all, I just can't see normal men the same way again. 

They're not even real. Boy, this is bad.


I was killing time at the bookstore yesterday. I bought Bob Ong's new book and walked around browsing. I found that Dean Koontz is still writing books and Harry Potter still has a whole section all for itself.

It's been more the a decade and our favorite books are still up in the shelves. They are still there even if we've long been gone.

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