Pinocchio and a contract
Wednesday: January 30, 2019

It seems like the people next door are not around. I love the silence. I got out of my room and stood by the window near the stairs. I put my glasses on because I wanted to see.

Some guy from a dating app told me that he lives in a condo. So I took a picture of the condo visible by the window and told him maybe it's the same condo. He said it's not. I just now noticed that next to the condo, there's also a crane. On it, a signage flashed, "DM*I Homes". That was the last company who contacted me for a final interview before Company #1 snatched me away 11 years ago.

I am currently watching the k-series Pinocchio. It's about a girl who hiccups every time she tells a lie. 

Looking at the signage, I asked myself, "do you want to go back, Z?"

I wish I'm also a Pinocchio so that a hiccup can tell me my real answer.

Some things sting so much you'd prefer to deny their existence. Some thoughts just taste too bitter on your tongue you wouldn't dare to put them in words. Maybe truth is only for the brave. So much like love, isn't it?


I met my friend Neri a couple of days back. A little more than a week from now, she's going to get married. I remember the concerned look in her face while telling me, I need to hurry up and also get married. She looked too concerned it made me feel sorry. I could tell her I'm doing okay on and on, I'm pretty sure she still won't believe me. She's much like Nini and Shara.

Funny how single and married or soon-to-be-married people think diffently. I told Neri how her mindset and choice of words are so much different from LA and that maybe I need to hang out with her more often if I want to get married just like her. I know how powerful words are, and I know Neri can help me have a better vocabulary.

Neri told me, "wag ka muna maghanap. Pag-aralan mo munang alagaan ang sarili mo." When I asked her how, her response surprised me: "e kung mag-aral ka kayang maglaba?"

Bumili ako ng Ariel at sipit na sampayan kanina. Sinipon ako sa amoy ng sabon at medyo sumakit din ang likod ko, pero overall, nalaman ko na kaya ko naman palang maglaba.

So ano, pwede na ba akong mag-asawa?


Last night, I made a contract with God. I wrote it in my planner para di ko makalimutan. I made an offer na if He'll give me a boyfriend and have us get married within 2019, I will give P100,000 to the church. I also wrote that I will add additional P100,000 if He'll give an epic love story na papasang koreanovela. Lol.

Pagod na ko magdating app. Tinatamad na rin ako maghanap. If God will accept my offer, then that will be good. If hindi, ok lang rin dahil hindi ko rin naman alam kung paano ako mag po produce ng P200,000. Win-win di ba? Lol.

Excited ako sa isasagot sakin ng langit. If "hindi", next year nalang ako kikilos. For now, manonood nalang ako ng koreanovela.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 10:35 PM.

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