Gratitude and chance
金曜日: February 27, 2019

I do have money. But I'm going on a trip to Cebu late April to May for about a week and I'm anticipating so much gastos. So from 200/day, I'm lowering my budget to 100 daily. As to how that can suffice for 3 decent meals a day, I have no idea.


I feel so blessed today. See, without spending a single cent, I was able to attend a seminar and listen to big people from the industry. I'm already grateful that they also gave us free book and ballpen, but I was quite over the roof when I found out na may free lunch, brewed coffee, super delish pastries and 2 servings of tempura from tokyo tempura pa (someone from the queue gave me his stub so I ended up with 2 servings!). Natuwa rin ako na accessible by bus yung venue so I paid very little for my pamasahe.

Ang kagandahan sa walang masyadong pera e yung sa konting biyayayang natatanggap mo, feeling mo nanalo ka na sa lotto. Lel.

Come Saturday me and my family and I will also eat at a resto for free. I feel like the Universe is spoiling me!


Kiddos from a Montessori school performed at the event earlier. Naisip ko lang, wouldn't it be nice to watch my own kid perform like that? Even if he ends up messing his own performance, I think I'd still find him cute.

It's already been discerned and decided, you know. I want to get married and build a family. I don't plan to do anything about it, at least for this year, since I have an ongoing agreement with God, but that's what I want. Maybe I won't get it, but I'm not giving it a rest without a fight.

My mother is a beautiful woman. Which means my kids have at least 25% chance of becoming beautiful. Since I'm their mother, they have at least 50% chance of becoming intelligent (this is my opinion, okay). They'll most likely have fair skin also. The only negneg people in our lineage are my paternal lola and my brother. He wasn't born that way though. Seeing my niece, I'm convinced that we have good genes. My niece is a beautiful kid and she's also very smart. 

I don't know. Well, maybe I won't have kids at all.

But if I will... well then, maybe they'll be beautiful and smart. Maybe they won't. I think I'll be absolutely okay with anything as long as they're healthy. And as their mother I'll do my absolute best to raise them to be good people. Beautiful or not. Intelligent or not.

Sana mabigyan ako ng pagkakataon.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 08:42 PM.


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