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水曜日: March 6, 2019

"Be like water."

I think it was Bruce Lee who said this. Ang water daw kasi, pag nilagay mo sa glass, it will follow the shape of the glass. It becomes the glass. I think the bottom line is, 'live a life of least resistance'. I've set out to do that since the year started and it seems to be working for me so far.

Sabi ko na nga ba, mahal Mo talaga ko, Universe. 


I gave up dieting completely. Bahala na si Batman. Tomorrow, I'll wrap up my work week and then we'll head to Batangas very early Friday.

Aside from being the maid-of-honor, BFF gave me two more tasks on her wedding.

First, I'm suppose to give the congratulatory  toast. She said this should be easy since I'm a Toastmaster. I hate how my club has to be attached to my name since the time I became a member. If I mess up, feeling ko tuloy it can tarnish the image of the club. Takte, tamad na tamad akong mag prepare ng speech. Gusto ko lang talaga mag swimming.

Second is to be the "money girl". BFF said the wedding coordinator refused to handle the monetary gifts for the couple, so BFF chose me as the point person where the guests can hand their envelopes. I told her I'd run off with the money. I wonder how come best friends don't take your threats seriously. Well, I've warned her. Yey, may pocket money na ko for Cebu! Char.


I was born an Air. Now, I am Water.

I'm planning to join an insurance company soon to earn on the side. The setup looks promising, though the thought that I'll be needing to talk to people and actually ask them to buy insurance products make me feel like I'm having indigestion or something. Lol.

I'm bonded to the cage until end of June this year. I just want to have wider options just so whatever happens, I wouldn't worry about my family starving once I've decided to leave the company or maybe if they decide to kick me out. Options are good. I love having options.

I remember when Partner and I were discussing with our teamlead. I saw how Partner was so worried about the future of the account. It puzzled me a bit because aside from the fact that his salary is twice as mine, he also earn quite a lot on the side. He hosts events, do interpreting and translations, voiceovers and even commercials. What I earn for a month, he can earn in an hour or so. I don't think it can hurt him financially even if he'll leave the company right at this very moment. What's funny was that, sya mukhang nag-aalala, ako super chill lang.

Sabi sa napanood ko, natural lang daw ang fear. Pag natatakot ka daw, ibig sabihin, nag-iisip ka. Feeling ko tuloy, hindi ako nag iisip. Ewan.

Partner mentioned about safety net. I just realized that my only safety net is maybe my brother who has a 4 year old daughter and a wife to feed. To think that I also have my parents under my wings. Mas normal ata na natatakot dapat ako.

I don't know. Maybe I've become like water.

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