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木曜日: March 7, 2019

Monday, I didn't sleep. Tuesday, I slept, no prob. Wednesday, I didn't sleep again. Wow, MWF na ba to? Takte, hindi ako makatulog!!!


A lot going on. A lot of things I'm looking forward to. I'm all happy. I just wish my wallet can also keep pace with all these.


Huli na ang lahat para magsisi kung bakit ang dami kong kinain nitong mga nakaraang araw. But I'm not letting these fats get in the way. Gawd, swimming na swimming na ko!


I'm on my 8th Kdrama since the year started. The last time, I asked Yang that if I am to watch just 1 kdrama in my entire lifetime, anong masa suggest nya sakin. She said "she was pretty" daw, so I'm watching it right now. I have 101% trust on Yang's taste since we like mostly the same things. But I guess I've watch way too many kdrama to appreciate anything right now.

I've been reading a blog of a digital marketer lately. She's one of the speakers from the MSME launch that I attended the last time. It sent me back to learning mode on. I miss this feeling. Soon, I think I'm going to get on my feet and get back to work. I have a business page to revive after FB took it down for branding issue. I'm also planning to gather names of potential customers na pwede ko alukin ng issurance. Of course I need to work on my license first. Why, I feel alive again!


Sa Sunday na no? I mean, his wedding.

I'm all ok about it now. I'm happy that I feel peace inside. I had a lot of thinking. Somehow, this enabled me to figure out what I could've done better. I used to think that the Universe wasn't so kind to us back then. But looking at the entire course of my life, not only in the love life department, I feel like the Universe is good to those who make an effort. That the Universe has bias for those who take actions. 

I genuinely wish that person happiness, you know. Maybe he's a lot more matured now. Maybe now he's more than capable of leading a family of his own. And I wish that he and his wife will make it together and build a happy family.

I was just a girl back then. Maybe it was more than normal to mess up. But now I feel more confident that when the time comes that I'd love again, I'll be a full grown woman in and out. And a good one at that. 

I will be rewriting my story with a different person. This time, I would know which parts to correct. Maybe I'd learn something more along the way.

And then if I wouldn't find anyone in the future, at least I would know that still, I became an even better person. And I will feel proud of what I've become.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 12:19 PM.


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