Not Tuesday
月曜日: June 3, 2019

The day will be over in an hour, yet I already feel like it's Tuesday.

I just got an email from a company. Said they saw my profile and is asking if I'm interested to apply to their job openings. It's around my expected salary, twice my current. The only problem is that it says, "willing to permanently transfer to Cebu."

Anlabo. In the past I was all, "I want to live in Cebu" and sh*t, and yet now that the opportunity is here, I just can't hit the reply button.

Juice colored. Eto na naman tayo.

I feel so weird lately. One moment, I feel giddy about the endless possibilities that could happen if I embrace change. Then another moment, I feel all consumed by fear and anxiety at the thought of what could happen if things won't go well. Parang ngayon, kinakain na naman ako ng pag-aalala. Pero ano bang worst na pwede mangyari?

Kahit tamad na tamad ako, I did send out applications. Ayun, walang pumansin sakin. Ayoko munang kabahan since kakasend ko lang naman kahapon. 

The companies I've sent my applications to are mostly around the area lang. All either in Cubao or Ortigas. Lahat day shift. Truth is, I'm just considering the club. Surely, I wasn't all happy when I was elected as an officer. It's just that, our incoming President interests me. I'm liking the way he handles the position so far. I want to learn from him as much as I could. Besides, he's an agriculturist. Someone legit. Unlike me who's just winging it when it comes to my plants. 

One time, he showed me a picture of a very cute plant, mukhang echeveria, but different. When I asked magkano bili nya, he said mura lang, only to find out na it costs as much as my most expensive plant. Lol.

It's not every day that you get to meet people who live the life you want to live, know the things you want to know, and have the chance to even work with them. I can't just let this pass me by.

Sana makahanap ako ng work around the area. Sana petiks din so that I will have time to do my other activities. Yung ang sweldo e mga 3x ng sweldo ko ngayon para masaya (mag wi-wish ka na rin lang, itodo mo na).

Worse comes to worst, I might end up just staying here, which is not really that bad. People here are very nice. Still, I wish to land to the best possible option.


It's our first council meeting tomorrow. Ok, let's do this!

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 11:47 PM.


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