Doyoubi no yume
土曜日: June 8, 2019

Home on a Saturday. I love this place. I should be doing a lot of things, but my body is refusing to move. Since I got here, I just ate, watched YouTube and slept. How productive.

Mom called me out from my room telling me to go down and eat merienda. When she heard me yawning non-stop, she took pity and told me to just sleep. I love my mother.

You know what, I love my life. I'm pretty content. I think I have all I truly need. So why bother to work hard? Because I don't want to be just this.

The Heavens had given me so much. He created me a hyper-talented, wonderful, fully-functional human being. I think I should do my part.

Just give me a few hours-or maybe a couple of days-to recharge, and then I'll bounce back up.

I want to bring my family to beautiful places while my parents can still walk. I want to bring them to different countries, eat good food in good restaurants, buy them beautiful things, etc. Sana talaga magawa ko to.

Dad is getting old and he seems to get weaker day by day. I need to hurry up. I want to be always reminded of this dream so I wouldn't forget. Again, sana talaga magawa ko to.

I missed 3 calls last Friday. Takte naman kasi, buong umaga akong naghintay ng tawag tas kung kelan di ko pinapansin yun cellphone ko, saka nyo ko tatawagan? 

But this raised my hopes high. I wish that the Heavens will give me the job that is best fit for me down to my last specification, just as how He did 6 years ago. Sana bago matapos ang June, makita ko na yun.


Sa dami ng iintindihin, hindi ko alam kung pano ko ba isisingit ang pag-ayos sa love life kong hindi naman nag eexist. I know this shouldn't be my last priority since I do want to build my own family. Ni hindi ko nga alam kung nagfa function pa ba ang ovaries ko. Lol.

I don't know why I don't find it in my heart the need to rush even when the world is telling me that I should. I wish that the Heavens can just do all the work for me.

A few days back, bff reported that she's already pregnant. That's a fil-am beauty forming inside her belly, I'm excited to see how the kiddo will look like.

I don't really see bff as a friend, you know. To me, she's family. I used to dream that we can live as neighbors and have our children grow and become bestfriends also. She now lives in Malaysia, and I don't even have a child yet, so i don't know if that can ever happen.

Still, I wish I will get to know the kid when he/she grows up and have him/her treat me like her own Tita.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 07:58 PM.


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"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"

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