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木曜日: September 21, 2019

Was on my home when I got a message from Brother that they are in the hospital. Sis-in-law was in ER because her BP was shooting up endangering her pregnancy. Today, they killed 4000 pesos because of that.

It must be tough getting pregnant in your 30s. She's 2 years younger than I am. Paano pa kaya ko? My BP has always been low though.

Mom managed to convince my neice to leave her parents at the hospital and go back home. I was tasked to be her yaya for a few hours. We were in their room and while watching Power Ranger, she said out of the blue, "babay, Mommy." She wasn't crying, but there were droplets of tears stucked at the corner of her eye.

Z: Bakit ka nagbababay kay Mommy?

K: Kasi may sakit sya e.

I explained to my niece that her mom's gonna come back. They're just waiting for the doctor who is probably having lunch and that her mom's gonna be ok.

I squeezed my niece in a tight hug. I feel like my heart is not made to handle children. It hurts me so when my niece is being like this, and I'm not even her mother.


Got home past 3AM last night. We had an afters, and I feel like it's been a while since I laughed so hard, I was having stitches. I really love these people. There are just few things I'm worried about regarding the executive committee. We're already halfway the term. I wish we will be able to work this out by the following months. After this term, I'm gonna be free na. With more time in my hands, I want to explore my options and have a concrete plan on what to do with my life. I hope I still have my work by that time.

Speaking of work, I just hit the 2-month mark last September 12. An officemate often tease me because I keep calling myself "shinjin"(new person) to which he passionately disagree. Now he always greet me, "hello, Shinjin-san" para mang-asar. In fairness to him, I do feel like I've been here for a long enough time already though. Well, save for my shinjin-level skills, that is.

Well-paid, well-treated, very low workload. Ano pa bang hahanapin ko? Ang sabaw nga lang ng mga calls ko lately, iniisip ko kung hanggang kailan kaya nila ako mapagtyatyagaan dito. While here, I think I really should save money.


Queen B's birthday celebration next Sat. The Instagirls are coming. They are girl-friends I miss to bits. The theme is Britney Spears. I wonder is my permed hair is Britney Spears enough.

I also just registered for KCON classes by November. I still don't have leave credits by then. Sayang ang sahod. Bukod don, hindi ko rin alam kung papayagan ba ko.... or kung meron pa ba kong trabaho sa mga panahong yon. Muli, bahala na.

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Written by cinderellaareus at 07:33 PM.


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