No to racism and other bs
土曜日: February 1, 2020

Shift bid over. I landed at the 5th rank but somehow managed to get the shift I want. 9AM-6PM. With this I'll be able to attend out Friday meetings sa club on time...

Then I realized, we're back to 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday sched, which means I'll only be able to attend on the 3rd Friday because I'll be in Taiwan during the 1st. I will have to endure waking up early and very little sleep all for 1 night of our meeting. What the eff. Pero ok lang din. Iniisip ko kung paano ko maitatawid ang schedule ko on March. Wala namang ganap nyan. I think I can take the worst sched, but still~


Ang daming opinyon ng mga tao sa social media re nCoV. Others think against racism sa mga Chinese, saying they are humans too and victims of the virus. Others think we are just overreacting. Others defend that by saying that we act this way because we care. Yung iba naman, Pinoy daw muna, Pilipino muna, and all these "be nice to Chinese" sheeesh are all BS daw.

Pag babad ka sa social media and hirap na hanapin kung ano ba yung raw opinyon mo sa mga bagay bagay. Yung hindi na sulsulan lang ng mga posts na nababasa mo.

Ang alam ko lang,

1. We should do our best to protect ourselves and our family. I've long stopped depending on the government for protection because they always lose their backbone everytime the issue involves China.

2. If you feel sorry for Chinese people, go ahead, be sorry. But do not allow your emotion to cloud your logic and start thinking that we should start embracing their virus-laden presence in our country. And UTANG NA LOOB, stop spreading that #notoracism bullshit because this is a time for our people to highten our vigilance. Yung lecheng nag post tungkol sa pamilyang Chinese na nagpaubayang mahuli sa pagsakay sa elevator should've joined them instead. I mean, no hard feelings. I feel sorry that they came from China and they're probably sick, pero takte, wag mo kami hawaan. Lol. HINDI TAMANG NANDITO SILA SA PILIPINAS SAMANTALANG SARILI NILANG BANSA HINDI SILA TINATANGGAP. No to racism your face. Hindi sila dapat nandito.

3. Wag mag panic. That won't help. Do your best. Stay informed.


Ilang linggo na kong nakatambay sa website ng Earthclinic. May contributor dun from Thailand na isang gifted naturopath. The last I heard of him e he had a stroke daw. I wonder what he would've prescribed at a time like this na may epidemya. I searched for the website's archive for his posts regarding SARS and MERS. Now I'm headed to buy the supplements he recommended. Hindi naman talaga ako takot sa nCoV. But I'm not taking chances and let it hit my family. (If you're interested, go to, type "SARS" on the search box, and click the tab for "Ted's Q&A").

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Written by cinderellaareus at 10:49 AM.


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