. February 5, 2020

Nenai to ikenai

11:14pm. I should've been asleep 5 hours ago. We need to go to the airport 4 hours before flight as they don't allow online check in these days. I just got Mel's message telling me pauwi palang sya from a meetup. Looks like I won't be the only one who's puyat among us. Parents aren't sleeping very well either. I turned off the aircon. No one complained. We can't catch colds now. Mahirap na.

Sir Raul sent me a message today giving me instructions regarding the Division Contest on Sat. Sir Raul had always been supportive of me even back when I was just starting out pa. That's why I believed him when he said he would love to see me in action sa contest. Sa totoo lang, nalulungkot ako about this. 

Pero ok lang din. I'm glad how Mom seems really happy about this trip, but we both think na mas masaya sana if kasama ang kapatid ko and his family. In 3 years siguro, kaya na namin to, pag around 3 years old na yung bagong baby namin.


5VL and 1SL ang ipinagpaalam ko sa boss ko. Sa record nya, I have 5 leave credits, so now, wala na. I don't know when will it be replenished. I'll be attending a conference in Bicol by the end of April. May leave credits na kaya ako nun?

Wait, first things first. Taiwan muna tayo.


Feeling ko type nung crush ko yung bagong hire na J-speaker namin. She seems like a good kid, though I find her a little... uhm... coy? I don't know. Ganito kaya talaga ang type nya? Or, ganito kaya ang type ng mga lalaki? Para kasing type rin sya ni Gelo. Hmmmm, kaya siguro hindi ako tinatratong babae ng mga kakilala kong lalaki. Lol.

Crush kind of leads us. Ang alam ko, bawal boss-subordinate relationship dito sa company. Conflict of interest din kasi. Aalis kaya sya pag naging sila? Lol, I think I'm getting ahead of my speculations.

Hay, Universe. Patulugin mo na ko, please.

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Comment posted on February 6th, 2020 at 11:34 AM
safe travels to you and your family sis. have fun and stay healthy.







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