金曜日: February 21, 2020

Hello Tabby. I'm back. I guess you'll see more of me these days dahil wala akong ginagawa at hindi pa ko makapasok sa trabaho. Pagbalik ko sa work, mahirap na namang makahanap ng time para sumulat dito.

Halos kababalik ko lang sa bahay.

Dad was in the hospital to see an Opta. He needs to get his eyes operated daw, sabi ng doc. 81,000 pesos. This is for just one of his eyes. The other eye needs to be operated once the other is fully healed. Will probably need another 81k by then. We met at SM to eat lunch when they told me about it. I noticed Dad's arms were cold so I asked if he's scared of the operation. It was then that he started crying to which Mom started crying too. Dad said he's scared of the 81,000. I ruffled his hair and assured him we have a lot of money. Ang sarap sabihin na maraming kang pera. Mas madali kasing maniwala na totoo even when there's nothing much to be found on my wallet, niether on my bank account. Pero kahit ganun, I'm glad that this is happening now at hindi back when I earn less than half of what I earn now pa. Hindi ko parin alam kung paano mag produce ng 81k in 2 weeks though.

On the way back home, Mom thought about the alternative that the Doc told them about, which will reduce the amount to be paid by 75%. If this will work, wala na kaming problema.


Will be visiting Tito Leo tomorrow. They live in a place that looks like a squatters area around QC, but don't be fooled. They're not poor. Tito Leo owns a lugawan operating 24 hrs that is earning big enough for him to make his 2 daughters quit their jobs and help out with the lugawan instead.

Magtayo nalang kaya ako ng lugawan no?

Still, I'm not looking forward to go to Tito Leo's place except for the lugaw. Ang init kasi. Ang sikip. Ang daming tao. Mas gusto ko nalang mag stay sa bahay at magbasa. Pwede naman ako mag stay nalang sa bahay at magbasa. Kaso.... wala lang.


Next Friday na ang balik ko sa trabaho. One of my colleagues told me na ang dami daw Japanese calls these days. Sobrang dami that some of them needed to report to work on their rest days na. Sabi nila baka hanggang 23rd pa yung ganito karaming calls. Nawa ang hindi ko na abutan. Or at least not for now. Kasi naman, nakalimutan ko na yata kung paano mag support. Gusto ko naman makakuha ng Japanese calls. Wag lang muna ngayon. Kailangan ko muna mag review.


Inaalala ko rin ang pagtatapos ng term at ang susunod na election ng officers. Natatakot akong ma elect na president. I don't know what else to do to prevent this from happening. Wag na kaya ako mag renew? Takte.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 07:00 PM.


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