金曜日: January 8, 2021

January 8 na pala at ngayon ko lang nagawa ang 1st entry of the year ko. Hindi ko matandaan kung anong ginawa ko nitong mga nakaraang araw bukod sa trabaho. Probably playing some game or something.

Bukas, balik trabaho ulet.

Naalala ko yung co#1. I'm pretty sure there were days back then when I was probably sick of working and had long been contemplating to quit, but I no longer remember them now. Funny I kept remembering fond memories.

How magical it felt when the door to Chubu Kenshuu Center opened automatically in front of me. It felt surreal. Whenever I want to feel lucky, I always bring myself back to my CKC days, the day when  my dream of going to Japan and learning a foreign language came true.

Pero hindi naman lahat ng fond memories ko sa co#1, ganun ka grand. Meron ding simple fond memories lang, pero equally precious. I remember 1 time I was so busy with work that I needed to go to work on a Sunday kahit mag-isa lang ako. I had the key to the office, I decided to bring Dad along para di masyado nakakatakot. Co#1's office was posh and well-kept, Dad was amazed. Wala naman syang ginawa sa office, pinag dikit dikit nya lang yung chair para matulog.

Nagpa deliver ako ng Tapa sa Rufo's for lunch. I remember the delighted look on Dad's face when we were eating together. He ate like it was the best meal ever. I loved that day. Dad looked so happy and content. I loved Rufo's tapa mostly because of that moment. I no longer eat tapa now, but I wish I can let Dad eat their beef tapa again, and will let Mom eat too.

Gusto ko nang yumaman. Kung tutuusin, this past year, sobrang na blessed ako financially, because of co#4. Pero sa totoo lang, bawat company na napagtrabahuhan ko, naging malaking blessings din para samin.

Naalala ko dati nung namasyal kami sa SM Fairview. We were just starting our career back then kaya wala pa ring masyadong pera. I remember passing by City Buffet, at ang nasabi lang namin e, "pag yaman natin, kakain tayo dyan." Ngayon, umay na umay na kami sa City Buffet.

I want my family to enjoy a good life. A luxurious one. Yung bonggang bongga talaga. I can't imagine getting rich tapos wala sila sa equation. I don't want that. I want to get rich so we can all enjoy, and I feel like I need to hurry up because my parents are not getting any younger.

Sabi ni Deepak Chopra, a quiet mind is more powerful than a positive one daw.

I think I manifested co#4 through the power of silence. I want to believe that I can manifest absolute financial freedom as well, with the same effortless ease using, this same technique. 



The past 2 days I spent playing games, watching tv, playing with my niece and nephew etc, etc.

I consider co#4 as a huge blessing for the past year. I am grateful. Still, in my heart I know that I still want to be free.

I know, I'm getting there.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 09:23 PM.


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"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"

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