Tuck Forever after
土曜日: June 19, 2021

Been having thoughts about death and stuff. I remember an old book I had. Tuck Everlasting. I don't remember everything from the book, only the part where the girl gave her elixir to a toad to save it forever, thinking that she could anytime get another elixir from the fountain. The elixir was from a boy. He and his family own the fountain, and they all became immortal after drinking the water from it. The boy gave that bottle of elixir to the girl. She's supposed to drink it once she's 17. They promised to meet again. Kamalasan, after nyang ibigay sa toad, tinamaan ng kidlat yung fountain the following day. When the boy came to see her again, ayun, deds na sya from old age.

Walang kinalaman sa moral lesson ng story. Naisip ko lang yung toad. I wonder if it's wise to make your pets immortal. Like, pano kung ma stuck sya sa meat grinder? He'd stay there in pain for all eternity without dying.

Naisip ko tuloy... we were all programmed to fear death. But if you look closely, maybe it's just nature's way of expressing it's kindness to those who suffer.

Tas naisip ko yung religion. Tas naisip ko rin, why do we badly want heaven to be real. Or reincarnation. I mean, can't one life be enough? If death happens to be the end itself, then, what's the big deal? Do we really need more lives?

Ewan ko. Religion makes me feel like I'm sinning whenever I question things. If God is really good, will He throw me to the fires of hell just because I asked for some clarifications?

Hindi ko alam. Hindi ko talaga alam.


Watching Naruto. The subtitles suck. Lol, I need to rely on my Japanese skills most of the time. Average Shonen anime, pero nakakahook parin. Sexist pa. I hate how the author made Sakura and Ino lame heroines. Uraraka of My Hero Academia may not be as good as the main heroes of the anime, pero hindi siya katulad ni Sakura who just sit there getting rescued. I mean, look at Froppy, a female frog hero, pero she's rocking it. Kainis tong Naruto na to. Pero pinapanood ko pa rin. Lol. 

9 seasons. Nasa season 3 palang ako. Sana kumpleto itong nasa Netflix. Sad lang I can't watch it while avail at work, because I'm on VPN.

Pag natupad ko yung pangarap ko na maging mayaman enough to not work at all, ano kayang mangyayari sa buhay ko no? Uubusin ko pa rin kaya yung oras ko araw araw sa netflix?

I remember my theory on how I ended up not eating cheese cake anymore. Naniniwala ako na my body will find a way to kick me out of slumber after some time. Mehehe.

Kaya siguro drawn ako kay Shikamaru. Aliw na aliw ako sa character nya. Sobrang tamad. Lol. Still a genius through and through.

It frustrates me though. The kanji in Gaara's forehead means love. The kanji written in one of the sound village's genin means death. The kanji in 4th Hokage's hat means fire. I'm pretty sure all the other kanji in there were from basic n5 level. Hindi ko mabasa lahat. Kung alam ko lang na kakailanganin ko to ng ganito sana pala nag-aral ako ng maayos noon. I mean, these are kanjis you wouldn't learn from work, you know.

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Written by cinderellaareus at 07:59 AM.


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