木曜日: April 28, 2022

Battling over whether to buy a wrist watch or not. I like those plastic ones, like baby g's. Looks like g-shock but not as expensive. I wonder if I should buy a g-shock instead. RTO starts on Sunday. I need a watch.

I remember years ago, I had a JP interpreter gig in one of Casio G-shock's events. I met the G-shock inventor, Sir Kikuo Ibe. He was so nice and humble, as expected from a Japanese. Funny though, the event was Casio, and one of Ibe-san's attendants jokingly mentioned that my jissho was Sharp and not Casio. LOL. It got me pretty embarrassed, but I was glad they were all good-natured people.

Should I buy a G-shock? Namiss ko bigla si Ibe-san. I still have his calling card.

Mom bought me Seiko 5 watch as a gift for my birthday years back. It was around 5k then. Now it costs around 8k. Mom said I shouldn't wear it outside as it might get snatched. I feel like it's such a waste having this watch and not being able to wear it. Maybe Mom was just exaggerating. I mean, if you're holding a cellphone worth 8k, I don't think anyone will bother snatching something that cheap.

I'll probably just wear my Seiko 5. It's just annoying that if you stop wearing it for a few hours, the time will stop moving also. I mean, it's nice that I will never need to replace the battery for life, but it's still a hassle that it keeps on stopping on certain conditions. 

Gusto ko ng G-shock. 


Mel and I are planning to go on vacay by June. It's been a long time since I went out. Mel's a cowboy adventurous type. I am the lazy and extremely maarte type. I think I can somehow adjust sa mga trip nya. Afterall, she always adjusts for my food preferences. She asked if I'm okay sleeping on a tent. I told her I prefer a bedroom with AC, but I'm willing to try.

Kinakabahan ako sa tent. Sana hindi malamok at walang ahas. Sana may ma meet kaming pogi. Haha!


Checked Casio's Flagship store in Shopee. Apparently, most G-shock watches are even pricier than a Seiko 5. Will it get snached if I buy one? Is this even pawnable? 

I remember when Sir Kikuo Ibe was having a tour here in the Philippines. They launched a limited-edition Pinoy themed G-shock watch. It looked so nice, Partner and I were hoping to get one as freebie. Sadly, we didn't. I didn't find anything similar on the Casio shop.

Must be nice to have a G-shock. 'Guess will just buy it later, pag mayaman na mayaman na ko.

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Written by cinderellaareus at 12:30 PM.


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