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: February 2, 2012

sa sobrang antok ko..hindi na ko makatulog...

wahhh!!!insomia, ikaw ba yan??

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: February 15, 2012

i survived vday!!!hoooray!!!


when im with a guy, i know i should set aside being a dork and for once act like be a "real" girl..this, i should learn..arrgghh..

this shouldnt be so hard, i am biologically a girl afterall... but dang..i so suck at this..

cinderella and snow white, didnt do anything except eating a poisoned apple and leaving a glass slipper behind, but viola! they got the prince charming!...i wonder if it could happen in real life.arg


--me and my girl friends were talking about stuff...we came up to crazy ideas and laugh it off. i wonder if we will ever try any of these crazy ideas for real..


craving for something sweet..

but i cant..its the 2nd day..12 days to go...gambatte self...

kaya ko to!!

i miss my soy milk... T_T


{ music } terrified (again)

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kwentong barbero
: February 16, 2012

kwento lang..

this morning,  i saw that guy again who approached me then, whom i shared bus rides with.. this time, he asked for my name and my number na. at first i was hesitant...but well, base on experience kasi, i know that some guys are just being friendly, so i thought, if he's indeed is JUST being friendly, then it would be rude if i refuse, afterall, he asked so politely naman.. kaya un..hehe..

he texted this morning...i think he's nice..and i like his style..haha..is he flirting with me??pak..im so elementary when it comes to this things..haha..pero i think this could be a good exercise in trying(learning) to be a "real" girl..actually, i kinda feel like a real girl now (kerengkeng..haha!!)

but its takes at lot of will power to keep myself for smiling like an indiot even when no one's watching..


and for the record..hindi eto kwentong barbero.

{ music } terrified..
{ mood } and i am indeed terrified

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on the 20th..i will..
: February 18, 2012

4TH DAY..4th day nga ba..i've lost counting..

10days to go...i think im getting a hold of this..maybe i'd do this for life...


at para sa 11-11 epic wish...na hindi naman talaga matutupad..

TULOY ANG INUMAN!!! haaayyyyssst...


walang good morning <insert my name here>!! or ingat ka sa pag-uwi text today..and it bothers me na i dont really care..babae ba talaga ko?? tae..why am i indifferent..

i feel like i always got the knock of wanting ONLY the things that i cant get..nasa saken ata talaga ang problema..pak..

i dont want to force myself to fall..but i dont like to sabotage my chances of love either..ewan..ano bang dapat gawin..


may nakatakda ba talaga??or choice ba to? may choice nga ba talaga....ewan..


i feel like loving is a skill i am yet to acquire...


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: February 22, 2012

you dont have to lie just to make me feel better..

coz im not even feeling bad in the first place...

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: February 25, 2012

a tattoo..

an ear pierce..or kahet ano..

experience. whatever.

i need a life..

i feel awful today..

i wanna be happy for those who are happy but i cant help but sink in my own unhappiness..


..ikaw, happy ka ba??


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ako na..
: February 28, 2012

ako na ang feeling..pak..

but this guy really creeps me out..shocks..i dont want to sound mean and all..so sige na nga..i wont say anything nalng..argnesss..

if having a bf means having to tell the significant other that you had gotten home safe..and having to respond to his call.. having  to recieve text saying "ingat ka po.."kumain k n ba"..."antok n ko, san ka na?".eeeeeeeeeeeeewww!!!!then this is not what i bargained for..

pak...abnormal ba talaga kO??feeling ko hindi ko talaga keri ang mga ganitong bagay...wala na talaga kong pag-asa..

baka hindi ko lng sya gusto..

kung si crush kaya gagawa nito sasaya ba ko??

its like 10 thousand spoons when all you need is a knife..isn't it ironic..



so, apparently, i am taken..by you..

but you dont know...


so, what am i to do..











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busy phonelines
: February 29, 2012

nasasagot ba??..

nasasagot nga kaya talaga ang mga dasal...


ive been crying your name out in silence..

will there be any chance..

that my little voice could somehow..


reach you..

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 03:44 PM.


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