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, December 3, 2012


an accident this morning.

the bus, I was in, collided with a car. there were blood and shattered glasses.i dont know how it happened. i was sleeping when a sudden jolt from our bus woke me up and people were screaming. the tires skidded left and right as it tilt sideways. i thought it gonna overturn. ive waited for it to overturn. it didnt. and the it went down slope backwards approaching a colossal column. i waited for the didnt come. it was weird. i wasnt terrified.. i think i was more abnormal. fragments of broken glasses were flying in front of me. the whole time i was covering my ears, and up to now, i dont know why, i was protecting my ears intead of anything else.

a guy then approached me. calmly asked if im ok. and calmly directed me to get out of the bus. people were in panic. to me, everything's a blurr. but i wasnt scared. weird. when everyone's out of the bus, there were blood. the guy who approached me ealier went back to me to ask if i was wounded or something because he was covered with blood that was apparently not his. he thought the blood came from me. i was feeling perfectly well, so i said im fine, but checked nontheless. my shirt was stained with blood too. not my blood i guess. shards of glass were stuck in my hair. good thing they didnt hit the skin. im alive.

i am usually scared of blood. but when the guy who was badly hit by the accident came into view. i just stared. like a robot. no emotion whatsoever. his face was covered with blood pouring down to his body. i cant feel any emotion. even now.

this is the first time that i ever had an accident. i dont know if the lack of fear is due to my faith(not so likely), or indifference, or maybe i plainly  just dont care about my life. it feels pathetic to be like this.

but know what...

im happy and thankful that im still alive...


Written by cinderellaareus at 03:22 PM.


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, December 12, 2012

paulit ulit..

parang si manny pacquiao sa facebook..

..reunion..whole usual, hindi ako ang bulsa ko..whatever.

ang daming hs pix na pinopost..haha..paulet ulet..parang nireremind ka n antanda mo na..aus lang namn..

highschool...sheeet,,that was ages ago. pero parang yesterday lang. i was young, clumsy, awkward. parang ngaun din. nga lang im no longer that young..and its alright.

hindi ko mgets ung feeling. its not like i've had a bad past. i just dont have a past and that's all. i guess it equally sucks.

hindi ko alam kung baket..pero ayoko talaga ng mga reunion..


today's ex-abf's birthday. i almost forgot.. weird..its been a long time since he last visited my dreams...maybe because i hadnt been sleeping much...oh, well,...but ,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and i wish you well...

you are, afterall, a past that i have..vague past,maybe.but a "past" nontheless..

..and for that, i still care..



as if mababasa nya to..

Written by cinderellaareus at 11:36 AM.


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, December 12, 2012


alam ko namang joke lang to, but i felt relieved when i saw this


end of the world or!!!

Written by cinderellaareus at 03:32 PM.

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