Saturday: May 13, 2018

Just got home. It's 1:15am.

Dad was waiting for me at the bus stop earlier. When I got near Dad, I noticed that a dog was waiting with him. The dog got up when it saw me and touched his nose on my hand like a kiss. The dog walked me mula sa kanto hanggang malapit sa bahay namin, occasionally stopping to wag its tail and jump up and down excitedly at me. I don't know whose dog it is and I don't know kung bakit feeling close sya sakin. It's pathetic that since I've watched "a dog's purpose" feeling ko lahat ng aso, reincarnation ng baby Thangs ko. Huhu. T_T


The day was long, but it was kinda nice. I got to spend it with people I love spending time with. I wasn't able to follow today's agenda, pero sabi nga nila, kung na enjoy mo naman, hindi daw waste of time ang tawag dun.


I'm turning 33 by Oct, pero feeling ko, hindi ko parin nakikita yung sarili ko as an adult. See, sinusundo at hinahatid pa nga ko ng nanay at tatay ko to/from the bus stop whenever I go to or go home from work.

Gusto ko lang mag try ng something na mejo adult pero hindi naman yung tipong makakadamage ng innocence ko. While on the way braving the traffic jam, napagkwentuhan namin yung tungkol sa gay bars at Pegasus. I'm curious. If my girl friends will come with me, I want to join G one time in places like these, as long as hindi masyadong mahalay. I am serious about maintaining my innocence until I get married. Lol. Ayoko lang naman talaga na downright nene parin ako at this age. Feeling ko nga, magiging masaya to.

G was making kwento about what one can see in Pegasus. While I and the equally nene, M, was thinking how it must be painful for the girl, I saw a glimpse of J busying himself with his phone. He's a religious Christian guy. Heck, he doesn't even drink. Iniisip ko kung makasalanang makasalanan na ba ang tingin nya samin. Lol.


Wag mo daw bitiwan ang bagay (tao) na ayaw mong makitang hawak ng iba.

A side of me says, "Hell, no! I'm not gonna hand you over!" But a more reasonable side says, "you don't own him".  If hindi ako ang babaeng best for him, I don't want to deny him of a chance to get closer to a girl na baka nga mas bagay sa kanya. Jeez, I'm so matured... I wonder if this is even serving me. Arg!

But I think I'll be fine. Iniisip ko rin kasi na maybe a guy like him won't  like someone na mas malakas pa uminom sa kanya, openly kerengkeng at nagbabalak pang pumunta sa gay bar. And I'm not even mentioning the age difference here.

Uhmp. K fine. Point taken.

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Written by cinderellaareus at 01:59 AM.


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Comment posted on May 18th, 2018 at 02:57 PM
weird lang haha sabi ko palagi sa tropang boylets punta tayo sa bar yung me nag-a-all the way. lel di pa rin natuloy ..sama ko sa inyo hahhahha
Comment posted on May 20th, 2018 at 08:16 AM
Yoko ng all the way. Magagalit si Mama Mary. Ahahahaha!

Yii, tara! <3
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