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金曜日: July 5, 2019

Ang dami nangyayari, ni hindi ako nabigyan ng time to process and feel things.

Yesterday was my Lola's 40th day after her passing. I was on leave then to get some pre-emp reqts, pero hindi parin ako naka attend sa mini handaan. I needed to leave because I already accepted some club's invitation to be their GE.

Tapos today, one of our dogs, Rinda, died.

I just got home in Manda now. Ngayon lang nag sink in lahat ng sakit at lungkot. I'm sorry, Lola. I'm sorry, Rinda. T_T


Quite a day today. I met with Directors, CEO and someone they call "Big Boss" all from a J-company. I was in a grand hotel. I met the Big Boss in his room, overlooking the city, had a meeting in a meeting room with spectacular view. It felt surreal.

I really can't call myself materialistic because I can put up with very little, but I admit, I love fine things. And boy, I love this place.

My client who sent me here is a business woman wanting to tie up with these Japanese businessmen. I seconded when a half-Japanese half-pinoy dude told her that it's best if she'll build rapport first and press with the details later. Too bad she didn't listen. See, J-peeps are very simple. Catch their heart, and they'll give you the world--their money included. She should've shown them that she cared first. I even demonstrated what she should do, e kaso she cut me and said, "mamaya na yan, pakita natin to."

When the meeting ended, at least mukha namang happy si CEO. He even went up to me and gave me his calling card. He asked for my name and thanked me. He didn't do the same to my client. Kahit dun isa pang chuuyaku.

Moral lesson: Love first and let everything else follow.

And also, naisip ko lang... kung malandi ako, tatawagan ko tong si Mr. CEO. He gave me his contact details, I might as well use it, right? Besides, having a Japanese CEO for a boyfriend doesn't sound so bad. I mean, why not?

Lol. Okay, I'm just daydreaming.


Last day at work today. I emptied my locker earlier and put the padlock inside my bag. It didn't feel real, you know. Hindi pa nagsi-sink in. Iniisip ko nga, baka sa Monday makalimutan ko na resigned na ko at bigla akong pumasok dito.

Busy ako kanina that's why I didn't feel it. Pero ngayon, mejo nafi-feel ko na yung lungkot. I feel like I wasn't able to thank enough the people who helped me while I was here.

They actually asked me to stay until the end of the month. When I asked Sir P, hindi sya pumayag. I asked kahit 1 week, ayaw pa rin. 

Speaking of Sir P, nakakatuwa ang pagiging hands-on ng HR na to. If you'll check my call log, puro name nya. Even my mail inbox, majority ng message galing sa kanya. Siguro type ako neto. Haha.

Ewan ko. Mejo weird nga. Pero baka dahil lang din sa urgent din yung post. Besides, how can I complain? Cute cute kaya non.

I'll be submitting the reqts by Monday. I remember from a print posted near the reception of their office, nakasulat na sa may guard isa-submit yung reqts. Pero sabi ni Sir P, puntahan ko daw sya, may papa encode daw sya. Fishy. Siguro may gusto talaga sakin to. Hahaha. Cheret.


Ano kayang klaseng company yung lilipatan ko? Sana maging maayos parin ang lahat.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 09:56 PM.

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Comment posted on July 9th, 2019 at 11:15 AM
good luck girl on your new endeavor. we live in the same area pala. ;-)
Comment posted on July 9th, 2019 at 04:11 PM
Thank you! :)

Baka naman nagkakasalubong na tayo, hindi lang natin alam. Hahahaha.
Comment posted on July 10th, 2019 at 03:57 PM
hahaha ....malamang! =)
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