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mga bagay bagay
木曜日: September 3, 2015

september. ber months na. Christmas songs na ang pinatutugtog sa mall kahapon.

ang bilis bilis ng panahon.. hindi ko na mahabol.


sent injan a message yesterday. she once told me they planned to get married by sept kaya naman nangamusta ako.

her reply went into something like, "handa ka na bang maging ninang?". i thought she was referring to being a wedding sponsor. aalma na sana ko dahil sa tingin ko masyado pa akong bata para maging ninang sa kasal. it was until her next message that it dawn on me what she actually meant. "2 months na kong preggy..."

uh, wait.. pregggy.. preggy???!!

so ayun. masaya rin naman ako para kay injan. excited na nga rin ako sa magiging anak nya na sabi ko pa nga, sana babae para tuturuan namin kung pano kumerengkeng. hmmm.. ewan ko. mejo may lungkot factor kasi e. si injan kasi ang madalas na partner in crime ko nuon. magkaibigan na kami mula ng grade 2.. parang hindi ko lang maisip na... lumalaki na nga pala kami.. na lalaki pa pala kami.. feeling ko kasi, yung maturity ko, himinto na sa pag develop after highschool.. yung mga friends ko nag move on na.. pero ako... madalas nakakalimutan ko parin na hindi na ko 15years old.

hindi ba parang ang laking bagay nang pagkakaron ng anak? ng pag-aasawa? hindi ko maisip kung paanong yung kaibigan ko na kasama kong magdevice ng mga crazy schemes, yung kasama ko gumawa ng at magkwentuhan tungkol sa kerengkeng stuff, crushes, yung mga idea namin tungkol sa kahalagahan ng bataan at kung kelan ba yun isusuko among other crazy things.. iiwanan na ang aming mga amazing adventures at magsisimula nang bumuo ng pamilya..

i want to get it straight, hindi ako naiinggit. even if someone will dig deep into my heart right now, mapapatunayan kong totoo yun. hindi talaga. parang nasa-shock siguro. well, alam ko namang magkakaanak at mag-aasawa rin si injan balang araw, pero siguro hindi ko lang talaga yun na-imagine na ganito. akala ko kasi forever na kaming magiging kung ano kami all this time-- yung fun lang, kulitan, harutan, mga kerengkeng stuff, walang responsibility, walang super mabibigat na commitment that adult people have.. kasi ayun nga, eversince hindi ko naman kasi nakita yung sarili namin as adults. lagi ko ngang nakakalimutan na adult na kami..kami, as in ako rin. ganun. ewan.

merong diabetes si injan. sana naman maging ok ang panganganak nya. sabi nya sa nov nalang daw gaganapin yung kasal nila. mejo hindi ako komportable na panay ang postpone ng kasal nila. i just hope that the boyfriend will not turn out to be an asshole. well, pwede rin naman na baka praning lang ako. still, im wishing the best for injan.


sa tingin ko, there's a fine line that separates 'giving people a chance' to 'leading them on'. nasan kaya ako ngayon? pero baka hindi ko pa naman siguro dapat problemahin to for now. baka ok pa naman lahat. sana. bahala na.

sabi nila may mga tao daw talaga na better off single kesa in a relationship. somehow im having this growing suspicion that i could be one of them.--

but then again, maybe, im just overthinking.

* * * * * * * * *

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月曜日: September 7, 2015

skype convo with a friend this morning:

z: ei... may kikwento pala ko sau!!!!

n: anong kwento??? make it kwento now na

z: may デート ako kahapon. for reals.

n: gwapo?

z: next question please.

n: ah, mabait... hahahaha..

***laugh trip***


so i went out with someone, alright. it was fine.

mejo kinilig ako dun sa flowers.haha..

ok naman sya. i could list a few things i like about the guy, kaso may catch(not related to his looks,ok?). naging deal breaker saken yung catch.

feeling ko lately, pag dating sa lovelife department, hindi na maubos ubos yung catch. ewan.

he was asking when are we going to have the next date. i dont know how im gonna tell him there wouldnt be a next.

my family's friends with his family.. alam ko namang walang pilitan to pero.. sighs..

sa totoo lang, i like the guy as a person. if it wasnt for the "catch", i think i might also like him as a guy.kaso ayun nga.. but still, i think we can be good friends. i want us to be good friends. but how can we be good friends kung hindi naman sya nakikipag friends lang saken?

haissst... just thinking about this whole thing is making me feel exhausted.

i just want to go back to my merry single self.


* * * * * * * * *

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tuesday thoughts
火曜日: September 8, 2015

i got myself booked for a tattoo consultation a week from now. Now, how's that?

i got loadssss of other stuff to spend for and now im adding some more expenses. great. maybe ill just back out on this to cut cost. really, i only feel like im an adult whenever i have to pay for something. ugh.

come sat, yang and i will be sitting in for a toastmasters meeting. rain or shine daw. sana magising ako.

on sun will be tito's birthday. said its gonna be a big celebration. i cant wait to bond with the relatives, show off how beautiful my niece is and have fun. i remember him asking to be invited on this. i dont really mind. the thing is.. i just cant see the point of involving him further into my life when i do not intend to have him in mine in the first place. o baka naman praning na naman ako.. sa totoo lang, ayokong nag-iisip ng mga ganitong bagay. im used to being indifferent. i dont feel comfortable whenever i start..ermm..what? caring? i dont know.

sh*t, feeling ko meron akong psychological problem. haha. ewan.


2 months to go. sana dumating na yung KCON. i want to be distracted. big time.

* * * * * * * * *

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sunflowers and chrysanthemums
金曜日: September 11, 2015

even back when we were just planning the renovation of our house, ive always envisioned my room having an altar somewhere where i can kneel before my God before i retire for the day.

just a few months back, ive made a makeshift altar in my room. nothing much. just a madonna and child carved on a thick marble tile and a glow-in-the-dark plastic image of Mama Mary that i got from a highschool friend. im still hunting for a decent kneeler and i intend to buy an image of The Sacred Heart (of Jesus) in a frame same to that that ive been seeing in the chap in megamall. i love that image. im definitely getting one for myself. preferably same size.

i bought artificial flowers just to give some life to my tiny altar but i wasnt pleased with the result so once a week, i buy fresh flowers. usually mums, because mums last longer.

just last week, my tiny altar's flower vase welcomed new temporary lodgers. aside from the usual mums, it now has a couple of roses, some leafy plants (names of which i do not know).. and then, sunflowers.

i think, sunflowers are special. ive read somewhere that they face/bend to the location of the sun that's why they are called SUNflower.

special flowers deserve special treatment. so for them, ive made flower preservatives(house bleach, sugar and ACV concoction) for them to last longer. i dont think they can keep up with mums. and sure enough, they didnt. a few days after being placed in the vase, they bent. they're still alive though. i wonder if it's the absence of the sun.


And so I learned that sunflowers bend fast.

but you bend even faster...

i dont know what kind of games are you playing. it's not in my rule book.

but either games, rule books or whatnot...i guess im done with all these.

from now on, im gonna do this the way i think an adult should.

if you're with me on this... then prove me wrong.


and yes.. ready or not, im gonna plunge.

* * * * * * * * *

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月曜日: September 14, 2015

makakasulat ka ba tungkol sa mga masasayang bagay bagay kung currently e badtrip na badtrip ka???!! well, let's see..


it was a happy weekend.

saturday, yang and i went to a toastmasters chapter in QC. extreme nosebleed moment, man. people in there use the english language as naturally as breathing. ang gagaling nila! my normal self would've felt intimidated, but during those times, i didnt feel that way. i was more like... challenged. see, i've seen sha nacino's plaque for winning a toastmasters contest before and since then, i want the same plaque for myself. i dont know how could that be possible.. but yeah.

from what i understand, there would be an inter-division contest where a girl named janelle will be joining as representative for their division. she looked smart. i wonder if she's going to win the contest. i have no idea how good people from the other divisions are. i dont even know what division sha is from. there's also another girl in there who seem to be joining a contest for evaluators. i didnt know they do contests for evaluators too. she' great too, with matching animated face, actions and all.

the people we sat with on the same table was a married couple who just recently joined the club. i find it so nice watching them doing something like this together. i think for most cases, after getting married, the lives of a married couple will be all about raising a family, sending the kids to school, etc etc--but will never be about theirselves as an individual or their personal growth... it made me think that maybe, marriage doesnt always mean having to live a life less than the life you had as a single person. maybe you can continue learning. maybe you can continue taking care of yourself. maybe you can continue to be an awesome human being just as how you were as a single person. or even better, maybe you can get to do it all together with your partner. i guess it all relies on picking the right partner... maybe.

aside from that couple, there was another couple there who are much older. indeed, one can never be too old to learn new things and extend youself to your full potential. this said couple were 2 among the 5 who gave their prepared speeches. And despite the age, they were awesome!! i love their stories and i love how they delivered it. nakaka amaze. nakaka.. awe... nakaka... basta.

if it wasnt for the whopping 3200 membership fee, i wouldve join right away. funny, 3200 use to be nothing back in the day, but now i consider it as a whopping amount. hindi naman ako magastos. in fact, the last time i updated my wardrobe was  more than a year ago. And kung uso pa ang piko ngayon, sa sobrang obsolete at lowtech ng phone na gamit ko, pwede mo nang gawing pamato. i dont know why money has the habit of extinguishing itself before my eyes recently. i wasnt even able to take advantage of the recent stockmarket bloodbath. sighs..

siguro tama si yang, ang dami dami kasi naming gustong gawin. laser focus daw ang isa sa mga secret ng successful people-- and that's the very thing i dont have at the moment.

yang and i were thinking of club hopping first tas saka na muna magpa member, kasi nga, mahal. we we're so amazed by their guest general evaluator named jesse. we heard he's from a chapter in cubao. we're thinking of sitting in for that chapter too (to hunt jesse. but he's probably married, #zannen..haha).. mejo inconvenient nga lang yung sched and merong "Membership eligibility criteria required" daw. so im not so sure if we are eligible to sit in. we'll see.


sunday, tito rudy's bday celeb. we went to their place and relatives from everywhere came.

the moment i entered the gate, it was tita gina who welcomed me first. she motioned her head near mine i thought she's gonna give me some beso beso or something. but instead, she bowed down and in a solemn voice whispered, "tumataba ka na."

ouch. huhu. i remember a conversation that took place just a week ago.

-hindi ka na nag eexercise no?

-so, ang ibig mo sabihin mataba ako?

-ikaw ang nagsabi nyan.

**laugh trip**


ok. fine. kailangan ko na talagang mag diet. huhu.


the party was fun. kwentuhan. kulitan. tawanan.

megan shocked me by introducing me to her boyfriend... who's actually not a boy.

the girl boyfriend was cool. we talked, she's funny. she already know a lot about me even before we were introduced. perks (or more like downside) of being an overrated member of the clan.

she works as a headhunter which is somewhat related to my work so we had a lot to talk about until the topic went into the most predictable topic of all when she asked,

"sabi, wala ka daw boyfriend.." to which i just nod. she then asked, "baket?"... and she added, "ok ka naman, kalog ka naman.. pihikan ka lang ba?" and the whole time she was giving me that scrutinizing look, I wonder if she's questioning my preference...

sighss.. fyi. lalaki ang gusto ko. lalaki lang.. huhu.

see, i have nothing against those who go for the same sex or both.. it's just that im not one of them.

know what, this whole thing made me see tito leo and tita gina(megan's parents) with a higher respect. i mean, other parents wouldn't be so happy if this happens to their daughter. but to tito leo and tita gina, it didnt even become an issue. ive always been fond of this couple, but their acceptance to their daughter's preferred partner made me fond of them even more.


j was there at the party too. he is a 3rd(or maybe 4th) cousin whom i get to talk with some time about a year ago back in lolo salo's wake. that was the first time we've met and we jive really well.

when we arrived at the party, i was introduced to j's twin brother, j2. they're not identical, but both are equally good looking. sheeeshh.. bat ba ang gwa-gwapo ng mga kamag-anak ko? haha.

earlier that day, mom received a text from j's mom saying that j's asking me to go to the party earlier kasi wala daw sya kausap. as usual, we came late. j and i wasnt able to talk until that time where they were about to go home (we somehow ended up going home with them). learned that j was now working at a j-engineering company i am actually familiar with because a former colleague is now working in there too. natuwa lang ako na jina -japanese na ko ni J. that boy has big dreams.. i can see myself in him. only i have different dreams when i was back in his age. i congratulated j for landing to a good company and joked, "manlibre ka naman.." to which he said yes. yey! free food!!...hahaha.. ang PG.

I only get to talk to the other twin, j2, too only when they were about to go home. sabi nya pa nga, "selfie tayo." which we did using his phone... and i was like, "ui, ang gwapo naman ng batang to..".. haha.. he's just 21. i heard from mom that this boy just got out of a relationship and is currently brokenhearted. said he was in a relationship with an older woman (as to how old, i have no idea) who left  him for another man. hearing this boy's story made me all "aawwwwww" because he seem to really love the girl. but knowing that the girl was older than he is made me think, "wait... really?? he's into older women??" with a twinkle in my eyes.. hahaha.. #IncestNaPedoPa #ewww . LOL


know what, our family is the type na mejo ma-social life like this. i use to not enjoy it back then. dati kasi i would always just stick with my brother and my cousin dada whom i get to grow up with. we dont mingle. we dont talk much to other people even if we know they are our relatives. at times when im not with my brother, i would just cling to my mom, not talk and just smile politely. i guess it all changed when tito peking confronted us about our attitude. i thank him for that. i wonder if he noticed the remarkable difference now. he's absolutely right. things could be so much more fun kung susubukan mong makipag connect sa iba. at hindi lang ikaw yung sasaya. sila rin.

i think keeping to yourself could be a display of self-centeredness. pag masyado kang focus sa sarili mong discomfort at fears baka hindi mo na mapansin na meron ding tao sa paligid mo na kailangan ng kausap na dapat sana ay ineentertain mo.. minsan kailangan mo lang talagang subukan.


there. now i feel better. as a conclusion, pwede ka naman pala magsulat ng masasayang bagay kahet na badtrip ka.

ang dami kong ikinaiinis sa araw na ito. i can make up excuses, be in denial and all, but the truth is, there is only one person who's the root cause for all these. yung iba, nadamay lang naman talaga.

sabi nila hindi ka daw kayang saktan ng taong hindi mahalaga sayo. but right now im not hurt, im just angry.


i wonder if this is a call to again move on kasi mejo nakakasawa narin talaga...

{ music } Stuck-Darren Espanto
{ book } The Real Rules-Barbara de Angelis
{ mood } angry

* * * * * * * * *

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stage 2
火曜日: September 15, 2015

sabi nila, pag inoffer mo daw ang mga hurts mo sa langit, pwede ka raw makapag-save ng mga kaluluwa sa purgatoryo.


mukhang marami rami na atang kaluluwa ang nasasagip ko.

{ music } Stuck-Darren Espanto (on repeat)
{ mood } sinking

* * * * * * * * *

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stage 3
木曜日: September 17, 2015

thursday. the week's creeping so slowly.

odd, because it use to be so swift.


thursday morning. im dying for a cup of coffee. only GERD was in full bloom last night. i was croaking the whole time i barely slept.

checked my email this morning. former qm sent me some job detail he thought me and partner could be interested in. even just the thought of another jobhunt drains me. really. i think i want my current job to be my last and after this, i want to be on my own. earn by doing something i like doing. or anything close to that.

was chatting with yang yesterday. she said we have to brainstorm for our new biz and she's right. i can continue dreaming about it for as long as i want but i cannot expect anything to come into fruition unless i actually do something about it. i know. and yes, knowing is not enough. i need to act. we agreed to make a biz plan separately and see how we can combine whatever we will come up with. deadline this sunday. sana naman, magawa na namin to.

will be seeing the tattoo artist tomorrow. just for consultation. still cant decide where to place it in and what design. i actually like my skin in the arms im having second thoughts if i really should mess up with it. im thinking about having it in the back.. but what's the point of having it if no one else will actually see it, right? ewan.. next year nalang kaya?


there will be an annual medical mission thingy near home. we are taking advantage of the bigger crowd of potential customers for our tiny store. brother and wife will be selling food. maybe id sell banana q. i dont know how to make one. please help me, google. i hope id earn big on this. kahet mga 10k lang. haha. asa.


when you were running after me, i kept on running away.

until i got tired and decided instead to see what my predator has to offer.

it wasnt much. you weren't lying when you told me you are a simple guy.

im not liking this shift. yours and mine.

sometimes i think my light can be a little too bright for you.

part of me wishes you wouldnt mind. but there's no way you wouldnt, right? i mean, how can you not?

im not a simple girl. or at least my dreams aren't. or the things that im after. or the things that i do to get it.

things. but not people. truth be told, i do not require people in my life to be as flashy.

but you wouldnt get that.. you just wont.

* * * * * * * * *

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lazy is my middle name
金曜日: September 18, 2015

extreme tamad mode.

hindi na naman ako makatulog. i thought the new room cured my insomnia. i cant be more wrong.

will be seeing the tattz artist later. dapat naglilista ako ng itatanong ko or at least dapat man lang nakapag decide na ko sa kung ano at saan ko ipapalagay yung tattz.. pero grabe, nakakatamad talaga. i just want to sleep. forever. wala nang gisingan. ganun. haha. sh*t, emo. penging blade! haha..


ilang oras ko na ring tinititigan yung link na ni-suggest ni koficola abt making biz plan. tinititigan lang talaga. hindi binabasa. haha.. walang nag-sisink in sa utak ko. eto kaya yung tinatawag nilang "sabaw" mode?? no idea.

j-holiday from mon to weds. super long weekend for me. i had those 3 days planned already, but in reality, what i really want to do on these days is to just sleep and do nothing--- or no. maybe not that. i dont know. i think i just want to do something that will make me feel...what? alive??? i dont know. coz i feel otherwise lately.

kailangan ko nang magdiet.

kailangan ko nang ayusin ang aking monthly budget.

kailangan ko nang gumawa ng biz plan.

kailangan kong bumili ng ingredients para sa banana q (wait, hindi pa pala ako marunong gumawa ng banana q).

kailangan ko nang.... wahhh!! grabe nakakatamad.

eto nga ata talaga ang feeling ng "sabaw".

KAILANGAN KO NG MOTIVATION. somebody tell me where to buy one, please.

* * * * * * * * *

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stage 4
金曜日: September 18, 2015

There’s really no such thing as “mixed signals,” there’s only one signal, and it’s: “I’m not into this, but I’m afraid I’m going to look like an asshole if I tell you that in any more blunt terms.”

-thought catalog, Brianna Wiest 


funny, in a span of just one month, i already had my heart broken twice. how's that?

* * * * * * * * *

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chubby cheeks
日曜日: September 20, 2015

but more like chubby everything.

just got back from another eating fiesta/pigging out galore. i didnt believe everyone else whenever they say im gaining weight because whenever i look at myself in a full size mirror, i think i still look fine...well, that's until i saw the pictures...

huhu. this is baaaaaaaaaaaad.

oh, give me 3 days and i can get back to at least my usual weight.

wahhhh!! doctor atkins, dont fail me. huhu..


3 more days off.... i just want to stay home and have looooong sleeeep and watch aldub. maybe catch up on my books too or something.

i messed my weekends' sched up a bit. i was toooo sleepy to get up this morning, instead of seeing yang at aliw, i woke up at around 9 and ended up being dragged to some party somewhere else. my tonsils hurt from too much sweets i feel like im gonna get sick. huhu.

these past few days, i feel like ive been exhausting my social juices to it's limit im needing a recharge. i just want to go on a hermit mode for the next 3 days but there are things i need to do.

oh, btw, ive met with the tatt artist last fri. she's amazing. see, im usually this uber shy type whenever im with strangers. but this person and i jive well. i love how she's so passionate with her craft. i can see that she's someone with high respect for her art and she's doing her work with integrity. i really like that. i think i want to surround myself with this kinds of people. sana maging friends kami.

nakakatawa lang when we happen to talk about ourselves a bit and when she found out about what my work is now and what my work was back then, she was like, "ayyy, gusto ko yang work mo...".. which i found funny and responded, "ngii, gusto ko nga yang work mo." 

before the meet up i actually researched about the artist and had a few info regarding her background. there were a lot of things i had been so curious about regarding her story and her work that i think im actually more interested in knowing about her history or on how she became what she is now than on actually having the tattoo.

she's really nice. she even showed me how they do that stencil thingy because really, back then, i dont have much of an idea. she had it demo-ed on me. i went home with a tiny heart stenciled on my wrist (because i refused to have it wiped clean para may remembrance. haha).

the consultation seemed like it lasted for more than an hour.. andami kasing napag usapan. kwento, buhay buhay, mga chismis, kikay stuff, etc. i think i managed ask everything i wished to ask. well, except for one... yung, "pwede ba akong maging apprentice mo??"... haha.. ayun lang. inabot kasi ng katorpehan. hehe. tsaka parang... wala lang.. parang ang weird lang ng magiging career path ko kung sakali man..i mean, from a civil engineer who works on bridges, to japanese technical support to... tattoo artist. o di ba? kamusta naman? haha.. 

pero ang cool parin non. gusto ko parin yun. i mean, why not? lahat naman nagsisimula sa hindi marunong di ba? im gonna ask her the next time ill meet her. im gonna make sure this is not going to be our last. magtatanong lang naman. wala namang mawawala di ba. after all, she can only say no.. well, tingnan naten..


3 more days. i need to see the dentist, the derma, and have a date with mama and tita in divisoria.

i promise to be on diet for the next 3 days and maybe squeeze some hip hop abs or any workout if the sched allows...

sheeesh.. wish me luck.

* * * * * * * * *

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old trash
月曜日: September 21, 2015

(70) <his name here>

(69) Ingat pretty : )

(68) (Hahaha)

(67) ganda mo kanina kaya nadidistract ako. hahaha

(66) uy baka napipikon ka ah.. alaskador lang ako talaga. mahilig kasi ako mag said ng alaska condensed milk nung bata pa ko hahaha

(65) oo eh... hahaha

(64) Di ah... pretty ka naman...

(63) kung di nga lang bawal baka inaya na kita lumabas hahaha

(62) Peeaccee : p san ka na?

(61) Nakasakay ka na?

(60) Yeah... pero cant be... mahirap na... hahaha baka may masabi ang madlang people...

(59) saka baka mag resign ka pa ako pa masisi hahahaha

(58) hoy... baka mag resign ka ha loka lolsss

(57) pero alam mo... dapat sumama ka sa team building para na idisplay mo yung pinag dietan mo. hahaha. pisss ; p

(56) hahaha di naman

(55) wak ka muna magtt... baka nasa jeep ka pa or nag aantay ng masasakyan

(54) *txt

(53) hahaha... nice... san k na?

(52) question...

(51) If wala ka bf... kelan ka last nag ka bf?

(50) hahaha speechless o na agaw ang celfone? : p joke

(49) hahaha... are you seeing some right now or maybe seeing someone exclusive? nakkss pang miss pilippines mga tanong ah hahaha...

(48) ohhh? ok...

(47) hmm... wala naman...

(46) complicated ako masyado siguro eh...

(45) why? what do you mean you thought so?

(44) oo nga... kaya nga ok lang ako ng hang out and have company of friends or girl buddies ko once in a while

(43) kahit ikaw naman siguro di ka makikipag sa katulad ko hahaha... at manager mo pa hahaha

(42) hahaha yun nga eh...

(41) eh ikaw bat wala kang bf?

(40) ahhh

(39) masyado k pla seryoso... ako binabaling ko n lang sa work... if may girl n natipuhan... ill see her and hang out. if hindi nag click eh di wala

(38) oo naman... enjoy while it last and if it clicks- go - pag hindi no one to blame...

(37) mas preferred ko yung ganun... everytime i see someone naman i make sure na sya lang and im honest

(36) umuulan na ulet

(35) why? recently ba you had a guy na ganyan ang setup nyo?

(34) hmnn why? tama ba ko?

(33) sorry to ask... nagkaron knb ng relationship with a married guy?

(32) wala lang... akala ko lang...

(31) nope. you're not... and i dont mind if you had a past relationship like that... no one should mind about it... were adults and its a decision someone made so respect na lang.

(30) sa isang banda... pano kung sinabi ko na you're giving me that kind of impression? magagalit ka ba?

(29) haha men will be men... we have this instinct and likes na there something great with women na tahimik : )

(28) no offense

(27) haha which question?

(26) ahh so wala ka pang naging guy na married and i guess its not in your head nor in your weirdest dreams haha

(25) yeah what?

(24) hahaha

(23) malayo ka pa ba sa inyo?

(22) hahaha... ok...

(21) na iimagine ko yung dimples mo hahaha

(20) theyre nice...

(19) hahaha just keep this conversation between the 2 of us and act professionally and wacky at the same time at work.

(18) haha meron naman sa tingin ko hahaha

(17) pero na distract mo ko kanina ah... kase eh. lakas ng dating mo saken kanina... and your lips... hahaha man! kaka tuwa na nakakagigil. hahaha peaccee

(16) keep it that way..

       yung lagi kang smiling

       pretty ka naman eh

(15) hahaha i guess ok na suggestion yan...

(14) and which part is scary? kaloka ka hahaha

(13) hahaha...

(12) dont be mad at me on this... pero i think youre a great kisser (may nag sabi na ba sayo?)

(11) hahaha well... id like to try to find out

(10) pero di naman syempre pede di ba?

(9) : p

(8) (di na nag reply)

      hehehe churi naman...


(7) lasing? hindi ah...

     hindi naman ako pala inom... anong mejo?

(6) mejo galet ka? hehehe sorry

(5) hahaha tange..

      seryoso yun... kakain ko nga lang eh

(4) bawal eh... saka wala sa isip mo yung mga ganung bagay...

(3) layo ka pa?

(2) ayt...


(1) Good morning! san kana po? wak ma le late ah.


dumping this here.

kasi kahet na obvious na lokohan lang

paminsan minsan, naaalala parin kita.



pak this.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 01:00 AM.

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before the weekend
金曜日: September 25, 2015

odd, it feels like midweek. must be the 3-day holiday.

uber dull, boring and unstimulating phase. parang tamad na tamad at bored na bored ako sa buhay ko lately.

will be attending some christening again. too bad bff is busy she cant fly over to come with us. nakakatamad tuloy. im yet to research on how to get there. bahala na. i feel like my social juices is on critical level. i just want to go  on a hermit mode. or pms lang ba to? or baka kailangan ko nang mag feast ulet. didnt have my panata day too for 2 consecutive weeks already. normal bang nagkakaganito ang tao pag hindi sya nakakapag simba? jeez, i must be going mental. sighs.

had myself signed up to some event ive long been curious about. im yet to recieve confirmation from them. i hope ill get to convince yang to come with me.

final weekend of the month. and then october na.. just a couple of weeks more and im gonna be a year older.

what to hope for. what to look forward to. what to aim about.

sa ngayon, im all blank space regarding these.. im hoping to feel better soon.



{ mood } wanting a way out

* * * * * * * * *

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月曜日: September 28, 2015

“Your mind is your greatest asset. Be careful who you allow to take up space in it.”

read this on kim kiyosaki's fb page. how timely.


i feel so down today.. ive actually been for more than a couple of days now. pre-bday blues ba to? i dont know. i just feel so disconnected from the world lately.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 01:04 PM.


水曜日: September 30, 2015

wednesday payday.

and my ATM is nowhere to be found.


* * * * * * * * *

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"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"

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