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: January 2, 2017

Good Morning, World. 

Woke up early today. Well, not as early as when I have work. I intended to spend a few peaceful minutes downstairs with people still asleep. But before finishing my morning ritual, parents got down even before I finished boiling water for my morning tea. 

I don't know why it's hard to have peace with people around but I'm not really complaining. 

4days left before I go back to the cage. 

Sabi, 2017 daw is a good year for rat(brother) and ox(me).  Friends daw kasi sila ng rooster (mom). That could be true for brother and me. We're children of a rooster after all. Swerte rin daw ang Libra so that's double swerte for me. Maybe if I'd match that with efforts, maybe I'd end up getting what I want this year. 

Listed my goals/resolutions about a week back. I also calculated the necessary cost to achieve this year's dreams para at least alam ko kung anong hinahabol ko. Ang sarap sarap talaga mag lista ng mga pangarap pero mas masarap siguro kung matutupad mo talaga yun e no.

This year, gusto kong i-train ang sarili ko na gawin/kunin/subukan ang mga bagay na gusto kong gawin/kunin/subukan and not to put it off until the "time is right". I want to set "right time" into "now" as a default. 

This year daw ang year of breakthrough for my sign. I'm gonna help my horoscope gain more credibility this year if that's the case. 


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火曜日: January 3, 2017

Third day of the year. Time check: 11:05pm. Hindi talaga ako makasulat ng speech so let me just write some of my thoughts here. 

Last showing day ng MMFF in a cinema nearest our place. Dahil cramming queen ako, ngayon lang talaga ko nanood. Tried to watch as many as time allowed, all in all I was satisfied. 

Luis alandy is my definition of a perfect gwapo. Pwede bang maorder to sa Universe? Ang pogi e.. Hahaha. Harot mo te. 

Natatawa parin ako pag naaalala ko yung nakita ko sa fb n sagot daw ni Phoebe Walker nung may nagtanong kung anong binubulong nya dun sa movie na seklusyon at sabi nya, "Resorts World Manila". Lol. wonder if totoo ngang sinabi nia yon. 

I can't remember where I got this line pero nag mark saken, "Hindi mo sya mahal. Kaya mo lang sya mahal kasi akala mo wala nang magmamahal sayo." ...grabe, bullseye eh.

And, ako lang ba nakapasin? Ang daming gwapong magpapari sa seklusyon... Hahahaha! 

Tapos... Naalala kita sa saving Sally... Napanood mo kaya? Maalala mo ba yung naalala ko kung mapapanood mo? 

For some reason, parang nawalan ako bigla ng ganang ituloy to.. 

Feeling ko, pelikula man, o real life, maganda talaga pag ang foundation ng love e friendship. 

Ugh, pak! Nakakalungkot...


Mejo tinatamaan talaga ako ng lungkot lately. Madalas yung ganitong feeling e nangyayari lang pag December. Hindi ko rin gets. Minsan kailangan ko pang i-list down kung bakit ako galit or bakit ako malungkot at kung ano ba talagang problema ko. Writing my reasons helps. Nakakatulong din sakin yun to map possible solutions. 

3 days into 2017. The days don't really feel so much different from the past year. I fear that I'd end up wasting this year away again. I wonder how much can change in 365days.


Saw Fr. M's page. Seems like he's back. The traffic for the last couple of years went about 2x as bad pero kahit ganon, I'm thinking of getting back to my panata Wednesday next week. It had kept me sane about 5years back when my days were a whole lot darker... I wish fr. Mario is still doing the  Wednesday mass and that he's back for good. 

Hindi ko na kasi maayos to ng sa sarili ko lang, or kahet ng neuro-linguistic programming, or kahet ng yoga breathing. Kailangan ko na yata talaga ng Divine intervention. Ang totoo nyan, miss na miss ko narin talagang magsimba. 


11:42.still no speech at hand. I wonder if I should just tell them I'm not gonna make it. There seem to be people willing to do the backup naman. But I want to finish my cc before March just in case I leave... Kung inspiration lang, inspired naman ako e... Hindi ko talaga alam kung anong problema...

Fairy godmother of speech writing, help naman po... 

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水曜日: January 4, 2017

3:38 pm. Wala parin akong speech. Will be seeing some kiddo later. Tinatamad akong lumabas ng bahay. 

Did something stupid just a few minutes ago. It would have been a lupa-lamunin-mo-ko moment kung Hindi lang ikaw ung taong involved. Eh, ikaw yun e. So kebers. Not that I don't care about what u think. It's just that I don't find the need to hide from you. Besides, matalino kang Tao. Alam kong alam mo yun. Dapat alam mo yun... And the fact na wala kang ginagawa... Well, siguro nga wala na... Or eversince ba, joke lang to? Ewan ko. At wag mong masabi sabi sakin na counted ang mga pa puso puso mo. Cheap na ang puso ngayon, R. Nabibili na ng free data...

Siguro nga wala.. Ewan. Ewan. Ewan. Bahala na ang Universe. 

ayoko kasi talaga ng drama at ayoko na rin na ganito ko so bahala na... Ugh! 

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水曜日: January 4, 2017

9:42pm. After restless days of trying, I finally accepted defeat and told people from the club that I can't deliver my speech this Friday. There's something liberating about knowing I don't have to squeeze my brains to produce a speech.. Pero kahit kailan Hindi naman magiging pleasant feeling ung nag commit ka na gagawin mo only to back out. At tsaka yung feeling na my monster inside u na Hindi mo natalo, ganun. Ewan ko. Masyado akong distracted lately, I can't write. I hate how I can concoct thought cocktails in this blog impromptu and yet it will take me at least a week to write a 5-minute speech and another week to memorize it. Feeling ko ako lang ang may ganito katagal na processing time. Seems like I won't be getting my cc by March at this rate.

Also, I feel so bad for messing the club's schedule. I want to cry. 

Took a leave to evaluate my goals and plans for the year. Since multitasking has never been my forte, I put that on hold and focused on writing my speech instead. Tapos Hindi lang rin pala ako makakasulat. Tsk, nakakainis. 1day left before going back to the cage. I feel like I consumed all my energy already. 

I remember the 80/20 rule that states something like 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort and time. I've been doing it all wrong for the past years so for once I want to make it right. I want to focus on that 20%.


Took the enneagram test once again, but this time, not online but from a book that someone gave me. The result is the same. I'm still number 4- The Artist (in some books/websites, they refer to out type as THE ROMANTICS) . The Melancholy, Withdrawn Type: Creative, individualistic, self-absorbed,  and depressive (some books included, "suicidal"). I remember back in highschool when bff found out her type (she's number 1: The Perfectionist), she said without batting an eyelash that she thinks I'm number four. Turned out she's right.

I love the creative, individualistic side but there are a lot about being a no.4 that's just hard to deal with.


My dismay on how my life turned out is escalating. Maayos ko pa ba to? I wish that the Heavens will just fix my whole life for me. I know that He can anyway. 

* * * * * * * * *

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木曜日: January 5, 2017

Time check: 10:07am. Last day of my bakasyon grande and will be back to the cage tomorrow. 

Woke up Dad about 4 in the morning because I dreamt of Christina and got scared. You pretty much know which bed I woke up from, from there, right? (Parents').The last time I dreamt of Christina, thangs was there too and soon she died in real life. Pero since iba yung dream ko last night, I'm hoping iba yung effect. 

In the dream,  we were in a car. Chris, injan and I were sitting at the back seat, then a few hs classmates were in front. Injan was talking with Chris in the dream clueless that she's already dead. I was aware about that in the dream but thought that it was impolite to speak about it, so I waited until Chris get down the car to tell injan... 

I don't why I keep on dreaming about Chris. Mukhang hindi naman sya nananakot but she seemed to be trying to say something. Her hair was long in the dream. The same length she use to keep it back in high school but she looked tired and pale. I've never really saw her tired and pale back when she was alive. Christina was an effortlessly pretty lady as I remember.


When I woke up Dad last night... I saw it again... I saw him changing. Stroke had taken a lot from him.  Before stroke, aside from his white(but thick and not balding) hair, he had nice skin that one time at the grocery, some hipster dude told Dad, "ayos yang buhok mo pre ah," the guy thought Dad's hair was bleached(it was natural). 

But Dad looks so old now and his skin is loose. He's a lot slower when he walks and gets sickly most of the time. He used to be highly tolerant with the cold and would rarely need a jacket. Now, he's always wearing jacket. 

Dati sabi ni papa pangarap nya daw magka apo. Ngayon may apo na sya Kay kuya.. Sana naman hintayin nya pa yung saken... 

Marami talaga akong pangarap at importante sakin yun. Sakali mang Hindi ko matupad yun ngayong taon, OK lang saken. Basta ng gusto ko lang, kumpleto parin kaming pamilya. Sana ipahiram pa sila ni God sakin. Sana ipahiram pa ko ni God sa kanila... 

* * * * * * * * *

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金曜日: January 6, 2017

just got back to work and in less than a couple of hours, i am once again off to another long weekend.


masaya? nope.



im a woman too, so i know.

will you let her get you this time around??


parang ang pointless lumaban kung hindi mo alam kung sayo parin ba yung battle na pinaglalaban mo.

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sobrang fitting
金曜日: January 6, 2017

ipako sa isip ng hindi makalimutan.

source: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-4/

Personal Growth Recommendations
for Enneagram Type Fours

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土曜日: January 7, 2017

I found my self asking,  "Heavens, please.... "

And I imagined Him saying, "what do you want? "

I realized I do not know. I guess right now what I want is for this hurt feeling to disappear. 

* * * * * * * * *

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absolute zero
火曜日: January 10, 2017

zero hour sleep.

things are not good but i feel positive that id manage.


went to tffqc last sun to plug back to my Source. i intend to do this a lot more often, hopefully every week.

first tm meeting last fri. i was GE and i screwed up.

one of newest members, jer delivered bsp1 and he was good. that boy reminds me of someone, he brought a girl along to which he said was his "close friend"... for a while i looked at them and wondered if we were like that... but i guess, that wont matter anymore.

club contest in 2 weeks. i asked dhenn if he's joing and told him im gonna beat him when he said yes. meant it as a joke. im not even sure if id be able to write a peice at all.

tita edna's asking for my presence in some health event come two weeks. she wants me to lose weight before the event para mas may impact. i know it's not that she's going to kill me if i go there looking just as fat, but im just so tired of postponing dieting any longer...

naalala ko yung sinabi ni jonathan before na yung the things that you do NOT do are just as crucial to your success as the things you do. bilang limited ang time, focus, energy at resources ko, alam ko namang hindi ko pwedeng gawin lahat. gusto kong sumali sa contest but writing a peice alone would take 2 weeks of my life, ni hindi pa nga sure if id get past the club contest so i dont know if sulit ba. bahala na. i asked God that if he wants me to join, then He should help me write a decent speech before next next friday. iniisip ko nalang na if para saken yun, then there's no way im going to miss it, right? pero sumali man ako o hindi, manonood parin naman ako, so sa tingin ko that would be just as exciting. siguro ok narin to. i need to prepare for some event anyway.


im a bit pissed off. but, im skipping the drama. ayawan na.

4:17/ gtg

* * * * * * * * *

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水曜日: January 11, 2017

for the last 45 minutes i dissected transcripts of speeches i found in the internet from world champions of Toastmasters international speech contest.

when i heard dananjaya's speech during the 2014 world championship, i thought it was the best speech i ever heard.

ok, take note, z. heard. i read his speech line by line and for some reason, hindi sya ganun kaganda pag binabasa.

bakit kaya? i found it interesting though. i read the transcript from the 2015 champion and it was even worse, but when I watched him deliver the same speech, I thought he was great. 

again, bakit kaya?

i really want to join this year's contest. cant think of a speech to write, pero GUSTO KO TALAGANG SUMALI!!! i want to write something that could land me into having golds, trophies and then yung two towering trophy for semi-finals and finals sa world championship. yes, im delusional like that. lel.

wednesday na. 2more days to think of an outline.para sa weekend sulat nalang tas editing. tas another week to memorize. nakakaexcite kaya!!wahhh!! kaya ko to! sana naman makasali ako.

super idol ko si dananjaya nung narining ko yung speech nia, feeling ko yun na yung pinakamagandang narinig kong speech ever. pero nung binasa ko...mukhang hindi ko sya magiging idol sa writing. pero bakit kaya? pede pala yung pangit yung pagkakasulat pero maganda parin yung speech?? everytime na gumagawa ako ng speech, lagi kong sinusigurado na perfect ang pagkakasulat at impeccable ang outline ko.. and yet, wala pa ako sa kalingkingan ni dananjaya. bakit kaya? bakit kaya? pano ko ba malalaman? wahhh!

sabi write for the ears and not for the eyes(reading).. feeling ko ganun naman ginagawa ko.. or hindi ba?

wala pang nagiging champion sa PH.. i dont know who to ask. pero sige na nga, first things first. club contest muna. but before that, speech draft muna. kayanin mo yan, z, please, kayanin mo yan. sige na.. huhu!

* * * * * * * * *

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Bipolar ka ba?
水曜日: January 11, 2017

For the last couple of days, depressed ka tas ngayon naman hyper ka from excitement. Bipolar ka ba? 

Sana talaga makagawa ako ng speech. Makaisip lang ako ng outline then from there, alam kong madali na. 

Then, I saw an fb ad from ampalaya monologue. Said they're looking for an intern. I haven't watch even a single performance from AM, but I think I've watched enough Sarah kays in youtube to know how it's suppose to be done. Gusto kong subukan.

Weird ba na mga ganitong bagay ang nakakapag pasaya at nakakapag pa excite saken? Sana lang pwede rin akong kumita ng pera mula rito no? 

* * * * * * * * *

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日曜日: January 15, 2017

12:08am. It's technically Sunday now. 

I tried pero wala talaga akong napigang speech out of my system today.

Sabi nila pag di mo daw nakuha ang gusto mo, blessings yun. Siguro nga. 

Nakakafrustrate lang. Hindi ko alam kung bakit parang ang hirap hirap maging positive lately. 

Sabi ni Elsa ng frozen,  "let it go."

Oh, sya. Go na. 

Feeling ko nandito na naman ako sa state ng buhay ko kung saan hindi ko alam kung meron pa bang magpapasaya saken. 

{ book } Vicente Hao Chin Jr. - Process of Self-transformation
{ mood } Blue

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2:04AM and I can't sleep
月曜日: January 16, 2017

Barbs of 'Die Beautiful', Christian Bables is so gwapo pala. 

And, OMG, he's not gay!!! 

*happy dance*

* * * * * * * * *

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火曜日: January 17, 2017

in the ideal world, pag may gusto ka ipagawa sa sarili mo, sumusunod sya.

cant be any farther from my real world. takte.


was chatting with shara yesterday. i love that woman. its just funny how she asks about the things i do and then insert the possibility of finding the "one" in whatever situation that is. i miss my friends. it just that.. can you imagine what would happen when we meet again in some reunion kind of way? narealize ko lang kasi na lahat ng kaklase ko na may anak, ninang ako. i mean, nasan ang hustisya?! i try to be as debt-free as possible pero sa dami ng inaanak ko mejo imposible ata yun.


still not okay. was happy for some brief moment last night when i recieved a text from a customer wanting to buy my product. she backed out just this afternoon. ok lang naman. kaso dinala ko pa yung bibilhin nia at work. mabigat kaya, ate. jeez. pero ok lang. edi wag. wapakels.


club contest soon. wala parin akong speech. namimiss ko rin talaga yung sumali and Lord knows i want to join. i just cant write. inspirational speech kasi yung contest. i guess you just cant give what you do not have, no?

pero manood ako. i see a lot of potential in some of our new members. hope they will give us a good show.

* * * * * * * * *

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be still, my heart
金曜日: January 20, 2017

contest today.

mentor sent me a message asking me to send bsp1.

then told me to use bsp1 or bsp5 for my contest piece.

contest at 7pm. i have less than 10 hours. jusko Lord!

well, bahala. mejo memorize ko pa naman. mejo nahihiya lang ako kasi most of them e narinig na yun. soooooo.

wahhhhh!! bahala na. tentative piece naman daw sabi ni mentor. haist..

in a way, natutuwa ako na nilalaban niya na masali ako sa contest na to. nakakalungkot lang kasi hindi sana kami dadaan sa lahat ng hassle na to kung nakapagsulat lang ako. haist ulet.

kung malalagpasan namin to, patayan na. sisiguraduhin kong makakagawa ako ng piece na magdadala sakin sa world championship. nakakainis kasi e. haist na naman. well, bahala na. basta.

nakakakaba. na mejo nakakahiya rin. na nakaka...ewan.

i hope id be able to pull this all off later. God, pengi po ng superpowers..

* * * * * * * * *

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Clearer sky
土曜日: January 21, 2017

Club contests for table topics and international speech are over. 

Was the back to back 1st runner up. I would have felt happier if I ended up as a back to back champion, but really, this was more than I expected. I'm just happy that the horror I thought would happen, like completely forgetting my speech or having a mental block right in the middle of my table topics speech didn't actually happen. Besides, they said the club will be sending 2 representatives for each category on the area contest which means, I'm in. Feeling ko mas masaya if naron si Jay or at least anyone who can join trainings with me, pero OK narin siguro. Lahat naman ng training, kahit ung kami lang nila gabby, naging masaya naman. 

I had my video taken when I delivered my international speech piece. Although hindi ko naman talaga naisip na magaling ako, pero hindi ko pa rin akalain na my delivery was this bad. Mukhang marami raming bigas pa ang kakainin ko. I texted Jer and asked some tips on adding humor in my speech because he was able to deliver a very funny bsp1. Glad that he was very helpful and sent me a really long list of tips and a few references. Moral lesson: People are more than willing to help, you just have to ask. 

Hindi naman ako nagbago from the last contest I joined. Aim high parin ang drama ko. Laging go for the gold. But more than that, I aim to learn as much as I can, meet as many people as I can and collect as many happy memories as I can out of this experience. Pag nagawa ko yun, para narin akong naging champion. 

After the meeting last Fri, mentor told me sabay na daw kami uwi. Gabby was sick so mentor needed to commute his way home. You know what, every time I count my blessings, I always count this guy as one. And gabby too. I'm just so happy I have a mentor and an amazing one at that. 

The past few days had been dark. But I guess, here ends the dark clouds and hopefully, clearer skies are ahead. 

* * * * * * * * *

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火曜日: January 24, 2017

Hindi ko kinaya to. Promise : D


pero ano nga kayang feeling ng ma-feature sa tv? hehe. but pleazzze.. wag ganitong topic. hahahaha!

* * * * * * * * *

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水曜日: January 25, 2017

Parang ang bagal ng mga araw lately, pero parang OK lang rin. 

I will be seeing gabby on Fri and Hindi pa ko prepared. Wednesday now and I still don't have a speech. I'm thinking of using a speech from the previous speeches I previously delivered at the club tapos bahala na. Ayoko sana mag recycle kaso... 

Naalala ko tuloy yung Harry Potter. Sabi kasi yung wand daw ang pumipili sa witch. Iniisip ko if ganun din kaya sa public speaking? Tipong yung speech ang pumipili sa speaker, ganun? But of course, that's ridiculous. 

Nakakatawa lang. Naalala ko kasi a few weeks back I was on the verge of strangling myself makasulat lang ng bsp7. In the end Hindi pa rin ako nakasulat. Tas netong kelan lang, out of the blue biglang naform sa isip ko ung outline ng bsp7 ko kahit di ko naman iniisip. Kung kelan ang kailangan ko e pang inspirational speech contest. 

Pinipili nga kaya ng speech ang speaker? Ewan. 

I guess I'll be sticking with prince Lee this time. Bahala na kung san kami makaabot. Sana naman makalagpas ako kahet area contest lang. Huhu. 

Other areas of my life are demanding my attention too. Parents growing old. Ang gusto ko sana, before my mom's hair turns grey, gusto ko OK na ko. Gusto ko yung rich enough na ko to give them a great life. Yung tipong Don at Donya levels na sila ganun. Nakakainis lang na sa maliliit na bagay hirap na hirap akong making faithful sa sarili Kong plans at kulang na kulang talaga ako sa disiplina sa ngayon. 

Partner tapped me in the shoulder earlier talking something about Donald trump and how it seems like the world is going to crumble because of the guy. Sa ngayon, parang wala na akong pakialam. I am aware of the limits of my time, energy and resources. Sasayangin ko ba yun complaining about things I can really do nothing about?

* * * * * * * * *

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same old
木曜日: January 26, 2017

a convo a few days back:

ate: oh, lheng kamusta ka na? kelan ka mag-aasawa?

z: hehehehe

ate: ok lang yan. wag ka magmadali. ako nga 31 na ko nung pinanganak ko si mae e.

z: mag te-32 na po ako.

ate: haaaa??!

hindi ko alam kung gulat na gulat ba sya dahil hindi ako mukhang 32 o gulat na gulat sya kasi 32 na ko pero hindi pa ko nag-aasawa. lol.


last night, i overheard sis-in-law, bro, and kaitlyn talking (their room is just next to mine)

sis-in-law: anak ano nga hinihingi kay daddy?

kaitlyn: baby boy.

hmmm.. i actually miss having a baby at home. the baby-baby type. tipong infant. since kaitlyn was born up to a few months later, they were staying in cavite so i wasnt able to enjoy her at that stage that much, but i remember how cute she was and back then she doesnt know how to throw tantrums yet. i wonder if id soon have a baby nephew.


i read in some blog na ang sabi, yung passion daw, gaya ng love, e masyadong importante para i-leave sa fate.

*replace 'passion' with 'love'*

ang love, masyadong importante para i-leave sa fate.

i agree.


dapat ba nagsisimula na kong bumuo ng pamilya? (kagad?!)


was alone at the office this morning and i was loving it. some morning dude mentioned about a ghost. gladly, i didnt feel/see her (its a her daw).

a few people are here now. im missing the silence.


i smell hostility in the chatbox and i feel your icyness with every word. what's wrong?

*insert katy perry's hot N cold in the background.*

nah.. same old..

* * * * * * * * *

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stop smiling!!
金曜日: January 27, 2017

hello friday.

supposed training was moved on sat due to conflict in sched.

we'll be having it in mentor's place and gabby will cook--probably mentor too.

i dont cook, so i sort of find it amazing when people around my age can cook. feeling ko alien sila. well, my brother can cook. sis-in-law can cook(and she's good), but it's different when you taste someone else's cooking.

wait, yang can cook too nga pala. and shara too... ako ba yung alien? but whatebs. im excited. all smiles!!


and then i realized na training yung purpose at wala pa pala akong speech. ugh.

* * * * * * * * *

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happy new year ulit
土曜日: January 28, 2017

Bro wife and kid left for cavite earlier. 

It's gonna be Chinese new year in a few minutes and we're not complete. OK lang din, di naman kami chinese. Will be leaving home Tom to go to Mentor's place to train for the contest. Sarili lang ang dala. Lumang speech na nga lang ang gagamitin ko, Hindi ko pa memorized. Ano bang ginawa ko nitong nakaraang isang lingo? 

The clock just striked 12. Happy new year! 

Lucky daw ang ox. Sana maging 2017 world champion ako for public speaking.

* * * * * * * * *

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Fangirling Saturday
土曜日: January 28, 2017

Hello world! 

It's a Saturday. I so want to have a hold of today's copy of Philippine Star to read Heneral Dizon (Irish Dizon) at The Philippine Star Supreme section. Kaso tanghali na malamang wala ng dyaryo. I'm just glad that internet is just so generous in providing news for those  who too lazy to get up early to buy newspaper. 

Ang galing talaga ni heneral. Fearless, honest and superbly talented- quite a combination, right? Galing! And even more than her talent, yung fierceness at integrity nya talaga yung sobrang hinahangaan ko. 

Yung mga tao daw na nilu look up naten ang clue sa kung anong gusto nateng maging. I guess mine is not bad to aim then. 


Just mom, dad and I at home. Dad's not feeling well so I'll be forced to cook. Hopefully no one in the house will end up with a stomach ache. 


Seeing mentor, gabby and the rest of Elite's representatives for the area contest later this afternoon. I don't know why I'm feeling so lazy I just want to go back to bed. 

* * * * * * * * *

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hindi nga?
火曜日: January 31, 2017

ang vague ng ibig sabihin ng 'hindi nga'. hindi ko maarok. gaya kanina, hinihingi sa office ang bday, motto, fav. color anik anik ng lahat. one officemate was jotting:

officemate1: birthday?

z: oct 6

officemate2: wala talagang year?

z: oo walang year.

*o e dahil sa required anik, i obliged.

z: 1985

officemate1: hindi nga?

**define 'hindi nga'

hindi nga kasi mukhang 1975 or hindi nga kasi mukhang later than 1985?

bakit ba kailangang isama ang year of birth pag sinasabi mo ang birthday mo? arg!


10 minutes and im off. just want to shoot down some thoughts. random kung random.

1. i watched sushmita sen's interview with jessica soho and I LOVED HER! grabe ang profound please. i loved it when she said something like, unique daw ang bawat isa and madalas daw sinasabi saten ng mga tao na 'this is the right age to get married' or 'this is the right age to have children'... sya daw, she wants to take life in her own clock kasi nga everbody is unique. ang galing!

2. ive been praying for time and for the last two days, the Heavens have been giving me time. nakakahiya talaga sa langit pag wala paring mangyari matapos Niyang mag full support saken. hindi ko alam kung ikakatuwa ko ba to.

3. iniisip ko kung mag ha-high heels ba ko o hindi. #firstworldproblem

4. gusto ko rin yung sinabi ni pia sa isang commercial, something like, 'if you want it, work on getting it as if your life depends on it' something.

5. if laziness is a crime, sh*t, kriminal na ko. takte.

6. ok tama na.

one minute to go.


* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 03:59 PM.


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